dohn joe


brick hill


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB yis play the heavy saying "yis" from tf2, increases health + speed none 10 seconds
E I do believe i am on fire. set yourself on fire deals alot of damage to self + mass speed up 1000 to self 5 seconds
R i am a robot heal enemy + damage allies 10 to allies 5 seconds
F death to all enemies! create huge pulses, kill all enemies!! (Plays that one part of the 1812 overture.) Only god can know. (~900 trillion damage) lasts 10 seconds, 30 second cooldown
Q yeah summon a john doe who explodes on contact with anything Death.

(~150 Quadrillion)

1 minute cooldown

Boss Moves

  • Create an orb that homes on enemies, Explodes on contact (100 damage a hit)
  • Fire a cube that bounces around, firing cubes everywhere, simular to corruptedhatter's g. (10 a cube)
  • Sets everyone on fire. (50 damage)
  • Creates multiple explosions simular to major's e but bigger and does alot of damage instead of heals (100 damage)
  • Does the f move. (~900 trillion damage)
  • Does the q move (~150 Quadrillion)
  • Plays yis, then explodes himself. doesn't kill him, does damage to anyone near him. (Insta-Kill)
  • Punches the ground, And creates an explosion in the shape of a robloxian. (30 damage)
  • Summons a TON of Quaza Keidos, who on contact do quaza's lmb. (100 a lava explosion hit)
  • Create a bunch of blue cubes around you, stuns whoever it touches + minor damage (35 a hit)
  • Lifts himself into the air, And then trips himself. And everyone. Does no damage, slightly damages boss.
  • Randomly kills someone. Rarely occurs. (Insta-Kill)

Phase 2

  • Always having tiny pulses, the ones the size of john doe around him. (~200 Billion)
  • Always having orbs simular to keith/avaxus going up and down around him (100 a hit)
  • Does the q, But summon 10 john does. (~150 Quadrillion)
  • Does the f, But shoots orbs that home in. (10 per orb, ~900 Trillion per pulse)
  • The same as the other things in phase one.
  • Create a massive explosion of fire and toxic memes, Doing damage to everything inside of it. Does bleeding/poison damage. (100 per fire, 10 per second)

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