Hox has been remade and isn't as awkward and cringey anymore! I think.


He looks like a white person with shaggy hair and an awkward face. That's it.


Extremely socially awkward, And when talking usually is looking down/is silent, Which people ask for him to say it again, Which causes him to panic a little bit and say it louder.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Here, Catch. Throw a green lightning bolt, On contact creates a pulse and does DoT damage. 155

DoT: 15 per second

3.5 Seconds, DoT lasts 2.5 Seconds.
E For you. Jam your lightning bolt into the ground, Creating a small pulse that heals allies. None, 10 Heal, 7 ticks. 12 Seconds.
R You missed. Put the current lightning bolt in your little, iunno arrow carrier thing but instead of arrows it's lightning??? and pull out a random color one then throw it. On contact with ground, Creates a lightning pillar. 255 16.6 Seconds.
F The Benjamin Effect Point your lightning bolt into the sky, After a 2.5 Second delay, Lightning will strike you, And at the cost of 20% of your current health, You will be given a shield that lasts 10 seconds. You cannot regenerate health during this time. None, 20% of current HP to self. 33.3 Seconds

Second Moveset: Melee

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Shocker. Swing your lightning bolt. After 3 direct hits, Press LMB Again to strike the enemy with lightning dealing medium damage + DoT. 135, 10 DoT, 145 Lightning strike. 3.5 Seconds, DoT lasts about 6 Seconds.
E You can't see thunder. Dash forward at such a high speed you go invisible in that direction. If you hit an enemy, They will be zapped and dealt DoT damage. 105, 10 DoT 13.3 Seconds, DoT Lasts 7 Seconds.
R Unpredictable Weather. 50/50 Chance move! 50% of the time, You will throw your lightning bolt in the air, After a 4.5 Second delay, The lightning bolt will come crashing down and create a pulse that does medium damage + DoT. The other 50% of the time, Nothing will happen and you'll just shock yourself with lightning by mistake. 235, 10 DoT, 25% Of Current HP. 23.3 Seconds (If Move happens), 10.5 Seconds (If Self Damage Occurs), DoT lasts 8 Seconds.
F Electrical Shields. Put your current lightning bolt in your arrow carrier thing (Again), And pull out a random colored lightning bolt. Then you'll Jam it into a ground, Creating a lightning cube around yourself that deletes projectiles and has a 700 hp, When it touches an enemy, It increases in size, And knocks the enemy back + does DoT damage. 200, 15 DoT. 32.2 Seconds, DoT lasts 10 Seconds.

Lightning Effects

  • Note: Debuffs are only applied on shields.
  • Red does the highest damage, but is the second smallest in size, It's pillar is simular to Khaos Krox's smaller pillars. The shield has 500 HP.
  • Blue does the second lowest damage, But is the biggest in size. It's pillar is simular to pre-10 year django's R. The shield size is doubled, And it's HP is increased to 1400, But lowers speed by 15 when active.
  • Green is normal in both size AND damage, It's pillar is simular to 10 year ducasse's R, and the shield stays default with 700 HP and no special buffs/debuffs.
  • Yellow is the second highest damaging, and the third smallest, And its pillar is a slightly larger version of khaos krox's pillars. Its shield HP is 450, But increases speed by 5, and lowers HP to 150.
  • Purple is the third highest damaging, and the second largest, But comes at a cost, As the pillar move will turn into something simular to Mack nyte's R when active, But slower & smaller. When the shield is active, It has 955 HP, and debuffs speed by 10.
  • White is the lowest in damage AND size, Its pillar is a smaller version of 10 year ducasse's R. When it's shield is active, Its HP is 250, But increases all stats by the following, 50 HP, 15 Speed, 10% more damage done, Every ally touched will be given a speed buff for 10 seconds of 15.

i bullshited my way through this i'm hungry and tired


  • Nothing is offical. As in, Seriously, I'm probably gonna change the moveset alot/alot of nerfs/buffs. If you have any critiques/recommendations, I'll fix the move you were talking about. If not, Well hi.
  • Iunno why i based him more like me in real life.
  • He's suppose to be the commander for the outcasts since filthy let me make it, And well, Eh. If he does get bought in though, He will be in the dane gang (Unless outcasts become offical.)

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