Hiroshi(ma) is an OC for Devil Beater.


Key Briefcase Fedora Cooldown
Q Switch to your fedora. Switch to your briefcase. 1 second.
LMB Whack the space infront of you with your briefcase. 100 dmg. Throw your fedora forward like a boomerang. 100 dmg. 1 second.
E Slam the floor with your briefcase. Causes a small shockwave. 150 dmg. Put your fedora on your head. This causes a small explosion. 200 dmg. 3 seconds.
R Open your briefcase. Tons of money falls out. When allies touch these, they regain health. Pull a sword out of your fedora. Slash infront of you then put it back. 300 dmg. 4 seconds.
F Attain heaven. Hold your briefcase over your head and begin shooting large purple orbs out at random enemies. 300 dmg per orb. Throw your fedora extremely violently. This causes high knockback and 3 seconds of stun. 300 dmg. Briefcase:13 seconds.


5 seconds.

Extra Moves

Key Description Cooldown
T Play your theme. Only available at 15/15/15. 2 seconds.
X Fall over and scream loudly. Only available at 15/15/15. 4 seconds.
Z Play available at 50/50/50. None
C Play Exclusive. None

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