"Finally! You're a survivor aren't you? You'll pay for this damn chaotic mess." - Hideki during the first encounter and against Angelo when he barely escapes Ares' hell massacre.

Hideki Nagasaki is made by the user, AlexiosZ.


Move Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q None Hideki grabs out his wrench and a giant gear to work as a sword and shield. N/A N/A
L-Click BANG BANG! Hideki whacks his wrench for low damage, or to deflect any attack, but it deals half the damage of the original hit. 10 (or Depending on the real attack reflected.) 0.5 Seconds
E Divine Blockade Hideki raises his gear, baiting the enemy to his gear. If the gear is hit, he flings it back in the same direction for the same amount of damage. Depending on the real attack blocked. 3.0 seconds
R "You're grinding my gears now!" Hideki runs foward with his gear up, if he is hit by an attack, he blocks it fully, stunning the attacker and slows them down for 5 seconds after. 40 7.0 seconds
F The Tsar Bomba Hideki realizes what he has to do, he quickly builds up a Tsar Bomba (AKA the strongest nuclear bomb in the world as of right now.) and he smacks it multiple times, to inflict 100 damage to everybody on the field, if an enemy hits this, then they get 3x the original damage. 100 30.0 secons
Passive Praise the parry If Hideki is idling, he automattically does a parry in front of him, but it only stops an attack, not deflect it. N/A N/A


Hideki is known to wear an Innovation Tophat, a teal-ish set of snake eyes to cover his depressive eyes. He wears a cyberpunk appearance mostly as well. His little bird, Kaga, is sitting on his shoulder.


His parents had been unknown for his whole life, all he knows is that they were survivors of the bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (Ironically, his last name is Nagasaki). He always was a passive person, not wanting to attack anybody. But once he saw the massacre of Ares, he had enough of it. Hideki had gotten real frustrated with all this chaos going on. He went to go and find survivors, to throw his anger at them and perhaps join them. This is when he encountered only Angelo. He fought him in a fair duel and lost, Angelo was forgiving enough to spare his life and so then, that's how Hideki is now part of Angelo's Surviving Rebellion.


  • If you didn't notice by now, Hideki is a reference to Hideki Tojo and the Japan Bombings of WWII.
  • The Tsar Bomba wasn't made during this time.
  • His "parry" feature can also be seen in Melonous, Dark Souls Series, and Mow My Lawn. (Which is funny, since HataNo_Kokoro will be pissed at me :b: kiddingnohewon't)

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