Hatter Luckton is a very angry member of the company which requires the idea of "luck" to survive.


Hatter wears a hat while wearing a green jacket with a black t-shirt and red hair, he wears armored leggings as to make him able to "Dodge"


Hatter acts like a Solid man when introduced in emotional situations, when in reality he actually has post traumatic stress disorder. The company abuses this factor to make him work, he is known to have sadistic pleasures.

moves or something

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Running in the 90's You have a chance to dodge, it is presented in your bottom left corner of your screen. it's base is 25. none none
Shift Gas Gas Gas You Run really fast, Increasing your overall speed by 100%, however if you hold it down for 7 seconds you tire out and lose damage and speed for 10 seconds. It also gives 25% dodge, tiring makes you lose all of your dodge. none 3 seconds
LMB Luck of the clover You throw your clover, if it hits something it will return and give you 5% dodge for 3 seconds 300 2 seconds
E Deja Vu Grab a cannon which fires Maxim guns, You gain 20 dodge while shooting the maxim guns. 530 40
R Night of fire Create a moon made out of clovers, this acts as a pedestal with an aura, things nearby it take damage, including teammates. If you're in it your dodge is increased by 25 percent. not by twenty five points. 250 damage pedestal lasts forever, 30 second cooldown
F Beat of the Rising Sun Absorb a legendary clover's energy which increases your stats intensely for 30 seconds. 30 dodge gain too lul

your eyes glow too

none 2 minutes


  • The company is a group he HATES being in due to the abuse he takes. If given a chance to betray them, he will GLADLY do so. Even death is better then the company to him because hes EDGEE
  • N-Force is a squad he doesn't care about because the company is based around greedy fucking numbnuts


So basically hatter was running around like a wacky bastard with a lucky clover which had possibly saved his whole life, he didnt know that there was a van full of armed men ready to shoot up an entire school, which he was at. they had seen him and fired at him however the lucky clover had provided an aura that gave him the ability to dodge every single bullet. he had realised that this was a company of magic asswipes and that they were going to fucking take him now due to the lucky clover, due to this he had a desire to get the fuck out, trying to escape the borders before they'd forcefully pull him back as to not betray them.