Hanako Kumi is an OC for Devil Beater.


Hanako wields a large hammer that has a white, black and purple colour scheme with large spikes and white bands around the handle. She wears the regular Haze suit. Her blue, galaxy hair covers her cat ears which pair with her cat tail.


Hanako isn't actually half cat. She's just a huge weaboo wearing cat suits and calls herself an "otaku" and a "neko".

Hanako grew up loving anime. This was specifically magic animes. She managed to learn how to harness Haze magic and is a skilled hammer user.


Hanako is a huge fucking weaboo. She always talks about her manga and anime. However, nobody gives a single crap. She also takes manga everywhere she goes with her. If she had no space left to hold hers, she'd bug her friends / allies to hold them for her. If they denied, she'd actually just sneak them into their pockets so she doesn't have to keep bugging them.

Hanako's dialogue is completely normal. But she always repeats her sentences so she's annoying. This bugs everybody else but she doesn't realise it.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Swing your hammer forward. The first two swings are normal and slow. However, the third swing will make you spin a full circle once with your hammer. Dealing great knockback. 100 dmg. 1.2 seconds.
E Spin a full turn with your hammer out. This creates a tornado that is shot forward at a slow speed. Lifetime is 15 seconds. You can have multiple tornadoes out at once. 300 dmg. 3.5 seconds.
R Slam your hammer onto the ground violently. This leaves a small circle of Haze behind you that will abruptly erupt when any enemy steps on it. This makes the enemy take damage and be slowed by -5 walk speed for 4 seconds. 300 dmg. 4 seconds.
F Spin around with your hammer out. You do 5 full turns before a huge tornado is summoned around you. This attracts enemies toward it, does damage then knocks the enemies away in a random direction. (Tornado's lifetime is 7 seconds) 800 dmg. 30 seconds.
X 50/50/50Scream extremely loudly. Slowly healing the boss and allies at the same time. None 1 minute.


  • Her Dialogue is based off the user Evilsquishiethehero.