Hadrian Songomalius is an OC for DB remake. Hadrian wears a Violet Wing Headband thing on his hand, wears a Kestrel Yellow Suit and Kestrel Yellow Pants and has blue hair.

His personality is somewhat joyous and cheerful, and is always up for an adventure and commitment to the crew he hangs with right now. He sometimes acts edgy towards all of the people around him on certain times like that time with Dark Kyraki


Hadrian is not one of the guys who have a stand coming out of him.

Hadrian is an expert at karate back at his martial arts school, and has become a trained professional through his 10-year training. Some say Hadrian is an outcast, although claims have been made that Hadrian once participated along in a deal with the Dane Gang, but ironically he left his own gang (a different gang) for his sake of survival and started his new journey. Along the way, he started making some friends he never knew before that would cheer him up. Before then, he would know that one day he would be the best he can ever be and never give up on his dreams, although his dream is to be a vintage tea collector, to finish what his grandmother started. Hadrian is now living his life peacefully with his newfound friends, but one day he decided to be committed on saving the universe by the Holy Prophet of the Celestial Realm, asking him a wish to defend any intern, whether someone is in the Alliance or not. However, there is a specific intern he knew very well...


Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB - Solar-splosion Hadrian unleashes a series of punches against the enemy. Has a 30% chance for an explosive attack to appear dealing additional damage. Only viable when held. 50 + additional explosion atk 5 seconds
E - Dangerous Gold Hadrian throws golden money bills in 16 directions dealing medium damage and lifesteal to anyone hit. 150 10 seconds
R - Light Orb Hadrian fires a light orb in front of him for medium damage. 150 1 second
F - Make it Rain Hadrian summons a golden bag of coins to be sent to the sky, then unleashes coins against the enemy for low damage each. 100 each coin 40 seconds
X - Switch! Hadrian switches his form into the Bling Lord. none 4 seconds

Bling Lord Form

Ability Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB - Same Punches Hadrian does the same punches, but only faster and a 50% chance of explosions to appear. 70 + additional explosions 2.5 seconds
E - Sun Salutation Fires a sun orb to deal medium wreckage at the enemy with burning DoT. 190(x2 when charged) 2.5 uncharged, 4.5 charged
R - Arcanis Sol Hadrian fires a yellow arc through air, dealing medium damage. 190 4 seconds
F - Make it Rain 2 Summons and raises a money bill into the sky, raining down even more money bills. 150 30 seconds
X - Switch Again Switches Hadrian's form again. Buff 4 seconds
C - Golden Snake Turret (wait, what?) Summons a Golden Snake Turret to mow down heavy damage for lolz ahuehuehue 450 20 seconds

Enemy Moves

Phase 1: Through the Alliance Interns

"Seriously, I would love to bargain with you...But let's not bicker around, shall we?" - a quote before battle starts

- Hadrian unleashes series of punches dealing low damage to the player.

- Uses "Make it Rain" with longer duration.

- Uses the same abilities mentioned above except that he's not in bling form yet.

Phase 2: Eh...

"Time to even the odds... and get some sweet cash."

- Uses Bling Lord Form. The same moves will be used as mentioned above.

- Hadrian throws 16 golden money bills around him but he can use this three times.

Extra Notes