Hacton Stolz is a character made by the user Docpoptart. He may not actually be bought into the game due to complications.

Update Notes

He's undergoing a redesign; His stats will be changed to fit Isotope more, his outfit is being changed a bit, he'll get a backstory, a personality that describes how much of a psychotic, fist fight-loving, genetic clone of Vladmir Putin Russian he is.

Looking at his current stuff, I'm gonna be changing quite a bit, here's the full list of what'll be changed:

  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Health
  • DPS
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Level Required
  • Moves
  • Backstory
  • Personality
  • Upgrades
  • Picture


He has pale skin, wearing a black bowler hat on his head while a deep blue scarf hangs around his neck, along with an unbuttoned two-piece suit with an orange vest.


Key Official Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Ferocious Fists: Hacton has an energy meter on the bottom right corner of the screen,

upon hitting with his LMB, this counter goes up by 3, increasing his damage and attack speed, along with
allowing him to use more moves at the cost of energy.  +1% attack speed and damage per energy.  100 max energy at base.

None (Passive None (Passive)
LMB Hacton throws a very fast punch, dealing 300 damage to any enemy hit and draining them of a bit of their

elemental energy.

300. 5% lifesteal. 0.01 seconds
RMB Hammer Head: Hacton throws a punch, dealing 150 damage to any enemy hit, if an enemy is hit, Hacton headbutts them,

dealing 500 damage.

650 total. 7.5% lifesteal. 1 second
E Parasitic Proletariat: Hacton consumes 15 energy to throw a grenade 25 studs in the mouse direction, after 0.5 seconds, the grenade explodes, dealing 300 damage in a 60-stud radius.  Any enemy hit is inflicted with an Isotope Parasite, dealing 100 per second to them and opening up an enemy's elemental energy, tripling energy gained from hitting them for 5 seconds. 800 total. 5 seconds after the grenade explodes
R Arctic Armament: Hacton consumes 1 energy to fire a Flames of Fate fist. 125 per fist. 10% lifesteal. 2 second cooldown after all 4 fists have been fired.
F Scorching Sickle:  Hacton consumes 100 energy to cover his arms in Flames of Fate before dashing to

the nearest enemy and releasing a barrage of punches on them, dealing 400 damage (at 0 energy) per punch and throwing
8 punches.

3,200 total. 2.5% lifesteal. 15 seconds


Hacton speaks with a heavy Russian accent.  He is very proud, determined, and brash. He is extremely proud of his homeland of "Russia" while most people have never heard of it, the stories Hacton tells them makes them think it is a horrible, frozen hell.


Too lazy to make a backstory so, have his daily routine instead: Fighting with his pet bear, Stalin, to get him to eat.  Eating excessively large steaks. Challenging the local drunk to a vodka-drinking contest. Running at the sight of a Japanese person (See: Russo-Japanese war). Dancing to his theme. Fighting with Stalin again to get him to hunt endangered animals go on a walk. Praying to his homeland before going to bed.


Decrease energy drain.  

Increase damage. 

Increase max energy limit. 

At 50/50/50, moves do not consume energy, but Hacton still needs to have the required energy in order to use moves.