Hideki gowa is a strong buff man with antlers and a fox tale. he is a very strong man who is respected by every girll character in devil beater


Moves Name Description Damage Cooldown
T Taunt SAY SOME random Jojo REFERENCE and gaien a masSSSSsive boost of 500 health ps and damges


Until the taunt ends

LMB SOOPER PUNCHXDD Fire a punches at HIGH speeds for high damges you also ora ora XD 2200 0.05 seconds
E DAB suMMon DAB to summon 20 epic noob and mini drakins!!! noob: 5200

drakon: 6666 heaing

1 second
R REEEEEEE FULLY HEALL YER SELVES nad Otheras. also you fireee a giant wavvve af brics and stuff to deal maaasive dammgesssa 44444 healing

77777 damageess

1 second
F NUKERINO HIDEki jumps UP into air and slames back down to summon bballsls of energy to deal massssiiiive damages. also drags the enemey aways and if dragged away into a wall the bossss instantly dies!!111!
1 second
Q frome chang CHANGE L CLICK TO GIANt LAZER GUN 1337XDDDD. DEALSS 20 TIMEES MORE DAMAGES. 44000 per LAzerwas nonessee


hideki is a Very srs pers0n who does not take anycrap from otheras they feer him and stuffff. he is also respectied by quaza and chris and coffs becyase of hiss stremgth!!! he is also loveeed by the griillsl and stuff becase he is cooolplpol drager pllleaaeaseze add himmm XD


heee isa strongesdt canoclly and stuff

This is satire if you did not get it by now.

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