Joke Char based off of the one and only Leniro Rusenfir, and his/her Guro Addiction.

Key Move Dmg Cooldown
LMB rip off an arm and smack an enemy 100 dmg but you lose 50 hp 0.5
E take a page of guro, and smash it into the enemies eyes 1000 dmg - 1 guro page when hav guro page
R search pockets for items

hawt pocket - 50 hp heel +90 max hp11!!

GURO PAGE11!!!- use in f and e

figurines- qu- 100 dot for 10 seconds/frost- get autopsy report minions11!!! (100 dmg per shotto)/tsuranuita- hait bubble11!!!

Yugiyaoi Card- 900 dmg on next attack11!!!

frawstea edgwerth- N U T. (win za game :^)) )

N/A 1 secondos
F when have 10 paig of guro, combain to make guro gun111!!! for 10 secondosss111!!! 1000 DMG after 10 secs you lsoe gun, and you hav to get guro paig again
Q (50/50/50) use combined power of frost jok oc to win11!!! (win za game) gay
T (E U G H) grab paig of guro out of nowher and use f for doubl the time!!!! saim as f saim as f, but extra 10 secondos
X leniro looks at this, and shuts off ur brain, u ar ded ded ded

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