Guest Man is Single Handedly the WEAKEST member of the N-force without his edgy two handed sword. probably wont be an n-force member lul


He appears as a 2011 guest from ROBLOX with a very smushed head holding a edgy sword with an edgy name.


he doesnt really have a personality, he requires to use preset lines to speak which makes him unable to provide emotion


Without his sword, this is his moveset

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q G R A B grab your fuggin sword which sets your health to 300, dps to 75 and speed to 30, only available once you have reached the maximum level of strength none none
LMB O U G H Punch. 30 1 second
E CAPPA Boomerang Cap. 25 3 second
R POWERING IMAGINATION strap a jetpack on your back and fly into your foes 50 5 second
F S L A V E D multiple guest slaves spawn and beat up people 100 damag per slap 30 seccond

When he has attained his sword, his moveset changes to this.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Swish Slash at your enemies kneecaps. 60 damage 0.3 seconds
E Hadonga Create Minions of neuling which merge with you to fire a massive beam of neuling energy. 300 damage 4 seconds
R One Three Three Seven Do four slashes of multiple effects, the first one is normal, the second one explodes on contact, the third poisons an enemy, and the fourth gives you a damage buff 100 first slash

300 second

300 third

700 fourth

13 seconds
F CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER Summon two Ugly as fuck people which have dynamite strapped on them and run into the enemy, deals insane damage on contact 500 per character 6 seconds


  • N-Force; He is currently a member of it as one of the lowest ranking members in the force.
  • The Company; Like every other person, They hate the company.
  • The guests of gaul; he didnt join them because he nigging weak


Okay so basically somebody thought "HEY IM GONNA PLAY A REALLY BAD GAME" and became a guest and was kidnapped by a yellow person woahhhh

they turned him into a white skinned male who was a guest, one of the weakest beings in eternity unless bestowed with extreme power. this man got hella lucky and got a **sword** which made him good but then he sucked because he didnt have the sword every time