Guest 1337 is a OC made by Sniperkill3rftw.

He wears what a regular old Guest would wear.

Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Wanna Be Friends? Guest fires a thinking bubble for high damage. 200 1.5 seconds
E Guest Friends! Guest sends out mini noobs and guests that deal high damage.(Five Maximum) 150(per hit) 5 seconds
R Safe Chat! Guest sends out a thinking bubble like his LMB, but if it hits allies, it heals them by 200 points of heeath. 200(heals 200) 10 seconds
F RAGE QUIT!!! Guest hovers in the air for 5 seconds, then crashes down dealing outrageous damage. 1250 20 seconds
Q FriendZoned Guest taunts and releases a large wave pulling enemies toward him, dealing high damage. 500 10 seconds


Guest is very friendly and is never shy. But he gets annoying at times, seeing how he always says " Do you wanna be my friend?".


  • Noobs and other Guests
  • People who won't friends with Guest make Guest angry >:(


  • Guest is based off of old roblox guests, before they couldn't talk.
  • Guest is very lonely :(