Spapraspam is the leader of the :b: squad and is a god of memery.


Unlike litteraly 99% of people, spapraspam has survived losing his torso, and his head acts as his torso now due to the loss of it, He wears edgy anime clothes because he can do that, And holds a magical gecko artifact, Which gives him the power of arcane adventures and its bullshit magic powers


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB gecko it Throw your gecko artifact, Which upon impact, Will explode in either a burst of lightning, Fire, Light, or Shadow, Whichever one you've chosen. Lightning does a fuckton of damage but its slow as shit, Fire deals DoT, Light is litteraly as fast as light, And shadow Stuns the enemy and roots them. 1000 (Lightning)

100 DoT (fire)

850 damage (light)

500 (Shadow)

1 second
Q bullshit magic powers Change your magic type to Lightning, Fire, Light, And Shadow. does fucking nothing 000000.01
E ENTER THE GUN Grab one of these five guns from your pocket, And continously fire it for 5 seconds, Marine Sidearm, Rusty Revolver, Budget Revolver, Rogue Special, Or Robot's right hand, Each dealing different damage. 1250 (marine)

1500 (rusty revolver)

850(budget but really fast)

1000 Rogue special (literally shit)

1750 (Robot's Right Hand)

4 seconds
R Dodge Roll Do a Roll, Which makes you unable to take damage for the duration. immortality while dodging 3 seconds
F GRIFFFITHHH Yell GRIFFITH which will make dark slap you for stealing a dank maymay, and griff shoots dark in the head, You then shoot bill cotton for 10 seconds, With FUCKTON OF DAMAGE 3750 damage 30 seconds
T whomst've entered my house said tom the fat shoot your enemy with a crooked double barrel shotgun which fucking murders them brains blown out, they're fucking dead. 1000 years

(exclusive move)

G TIBBY DOBBS SUPREME GOD Turn into Tibby Dobbs with an 88 infinity jersey, Shoot rubber projectiles litteraly fucking EVERYWHERE 8888 damage per rubber 50/50/50 exclusive

spammable as chino senshi q


Increase your overall stats by 1.5 at 15, at 50 it is x2.0 which stacks with the x1.5 which makes your overall stats increased by 3.5 at 50.

The power of the Arcane Magic is increased by 1.2 at 15. 1.7 at 50.

Lose 15% of your hp and increases the guns damage by 1.7, at 50 it is 30% of your health and your gun damage is increased by 2.4 multiplied. THE HEALTH DECREASE DOES NOT STACK.


so basically spapraspam was a normal fucking cuck who hated his life, so he grabbed his GUNGEON GUN to kill some nibba who ruined his life by making all his memes irrelevant, causing him to enter a state of depression, he enters his house and realises the fuckin nibbas already dead by an ageless man who was black, and has a jersey of green and red, with 88 in the middle, with green painted for it, the man said "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU STINKIN OPTIMUS BOY", he was pissed, so he shot his gun, but the man beat his shit out with basketballs, which were projectiles for him. he lost his torso but he didnt fuckin die somehow lol, the fucker dies and says "BITCH IM TAKING THIS HOUSE FOR MYSELF" and dissapears into dust. spapraspam grabbed his jersey and wore it, he became THE DOB, regaining his torso while wearing it, but in a lust for murder, he takes it off and goes to the gungeon and dies like 50 times getting to kill his past and killing the fucker before he did, because of this tibby dobbs never existed so he got an artifact of intense power, but then getting SUCCED deep into his computer, he realised something, this nibba was his senpai autist yellow that he killed, so some dude called prometheus and slaps him super hard, he somehow gains all the magic in that game except for four others so he became super fuckin good at life, and used his wizard lizard and threw it at random arcane nibbas and killed them, the gecko always exploded on impact, causing the people in the explosion to FUCKING DIE. he kills prometheus by using the infinity jersey on the dude, fucking murdering him, and leaves the game and returns to his reality, where he realises he has became god himself, which is what lodda people call him now because of that, also robo hitler and he have an INTENSE RIVALRY but spapraspam is always more op


  • nobody can kill god himself except tibby dobbs (probably not true)
  • able to kill people by poking them if using all of his power (probably not true aswell)
  • he is the only one to rival robo hitler's power
An do it

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