Glax Glitch o is a glitchy Member of the Nuke squad

reference to the mask of Chapel Coffmen and hair of Drakon Kyrane


Glax Glitcho is a Glitchmen who appears to stolen data and morph from the interns

  1. Glax will Shoot 3 glitch balls at different way
  2. Glax will Summon Hologram of Drakon or Chapel incase of Glax is surrounded
  3. Glax will use the glitched Chapel Mask and blast all the enemies away by one single blow

Backstory Made by Hata

Glax Glitcho is an entity that was originally created through the process of errors on a machine containing fighting data of many people, which had ranged from Dimensiona to the ever elusive Catrel in which Chapel leads. At first these errors had happened ever so slighly, and was ignored, however it eventually spontaneously multiplied and eventually had been given birth as a raw form of the FoF, Agni. It's appearance had taken the form of Drakon Kyrane and had manifested the mask of Chapel Coffman. It's physical appearance is ever shaky and indescribable, sometimes taking the form of other people that the glitchy data had reached to. However it mostly stays as a strange love child between Chapel and Drakon for unknown reasons. It had joined the Nuke Squad randomly for almost no exact reasoning at all, becoming an Intern of them where it resides for the remainder of eternity.