Gladius Hominis wears Visor of the Blue Bird Following, Jet Black Anime Superstar, wears the Flux suit and has three floating Anime Sword of Destiny behind him


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Q summon three swords behind you none none

swing your three floating swords in front of you

50 each

(150 if all hit)

1 second
E throw a sword at the enemy. when sword is thrown, lowers damage if all swords hit until sword returns 100 (on hit) (25 damage for 2 seconds) 2 seconds

(sword will return after 5 seconds or something)

R Make your swords shoot a beam 250 15 seconds
F launch your three swords in the air to make it rain meteors, making you unable to use moves until it ends 150 each meteor 15 seconds

​Trivia or something

Gladius has gone through many reworks

Gladius' name is in Latin when translated to English it means "The-swordman" or something like that


- increase damage

- increase attack speed

- Increase hp and amount of swords summoned with q or something (running low on ideas aaaaa)