Gest Jeke is a masked swordfighting Aether user with an attitude.


Gest is quite hotheaded, being the team member to often get the Cogmasons in trouble by spitting out the wrong words. One example is when they got their butts handed to them by Team Different Dimensions because Gest made fun of a stain on Basic Smith's suit.


Boss Moveset

Details Damage Conditions
Slashes horizontally. 100 100% HP
Does a rapid spin slash. 100 100% HP
Dashes 20 studs forward, damaging all in his path and pushing them out of the way. 300 80% HP
Briefly unmasks and screams, damaging all on the field. 50 50% HP
Does multiple spin slashes before jumping up and slamming down 100 (Spin), 500 (Slam) 33% HP

Character Moveset

Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Slashes his sword vertically once. Alternates between swords when slashing multiple times. 67 0.5 sec
E Holds his sword in front of him and dashes until hitting a wall or enemy. 300 10 sec
R Stabs with his sword. If it connects, Gest gains back 25% of his health. However, he is vulnerable as stabbing takes some time (1 second to stab, and 2 seconds holding the sword in before taking another second to retract.) 200 5 sec
F Unmasks, revealing a much worse face while laughing manically. Releases and aura that deals damage to all enemies in it for 30 seconds before retracting. 50 per second 120 sec


1st 2nd 3rd
Increase LMB's Damage. Increase lifesteal from R. Decrease cooldown of E.

Trivia and Notes

  • Gest Jeke is a play on words of the words "Just" and "Joke". This does not have any correlation with the character.
  • His idle animation is this (His head moves from side to side and he lifts his swords up and down slowly.
    RobloxScreenShot20170808 165712087
  • At 50/50/50, one is swords turns into a Darkheart.

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