Geo Baichi is a OC for the game Devil Beater.


Geo wears a black, and white sweatshirt, with a backpack on his back. He also has auburn scene hair, and brown scene hair.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb - SLASH! Geo swings his giant sword! 444 1 Second
E - I HAVE A GUN, GET DOWN! Geo pulls out a pistol, and fires 3 shots dealing small damage. Each bullet adds up to medicor damage. 100 Damage per Bullet 5 Seconds
R - Marked for Death.. Geo throws a ball of aether, which can be controlled by dragging, which will mark the enemy hit with a status called "Marked for Death" which makes enemies take 20% more damage then they normally should, with a additional medium damage over time. Plus other players can use the 20% damage. Enemy takes 500 damage overtime. This stops in 10 seconds Until you die.
F - EDGY TELEPORT! Geo teleports to the enemy who has the least amount of health, then proceeds to shoot the enemy in the head which will do more damage depending on how much health the victim has. Note: Less health = More damage. Depends on the enemy's health. 10 Seconds
T - just music, man Geo pulls out a radio, and starts playing "Dimension" by Cero. None 1 Second
X - KONO DIO DA! Gero reveals who he really is! DIO! His attacks increase by 10 times, but he is taking damage because of the sun, kill others to gain more health to survive! Lasts until you die. Its a buff. Until you die.


Geo is a...Interesting person. He is very idiotic, and usually doesn't think before saying, or even doing.


  • All of the Team Galaxy interns - He is the leader of the interns
  • Celo De La Asood - Celo is the leader of Team Galaxy, and made Geo the leader of the interns. But he still messes with him.


  • Geo is Dio
  • Geo is running away from the Speedcar foundation
  • His last name, Baichi means idiot.