this is a OC for the game devil delet booter, he will never get into the game i mean never because of roblox lol k no ok


hot and has lots of edges ok


  • sorry this is messed up lol
  • never try again
  • kaiden10043 made stuffo foro me (basically kancer10043 did everything)

up ur mom grades

increase the amount you delet db

increase boon-ness

increase your moms cooking and caring for you and grades



Summon the E d g e none you gaiye once in a gay boon time

Throw your "EDGE" at the enemy dealing medium damage


2 seconds
E Become omega edge, making your entire body have MORE EDGENESSSS111, increases your attack slighty (this is perma) 5+ Attack 1 Minute
R Release a dark magic edgy laser aura, making a large explosion dealing slight DoT Damage then scream out: 500 + DoT 30 seconds 
F release your inner gayness, you then hold a gigantic orb of gayness holding it, then a short 1 - 5 seconds it will shoot at the enemy slowly, dealing high damage, and healing allies around it 1000 damage  + 300 healing 50 seconds

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