Funkaro is a member of the B squad, And wears a mask almost everywhere he goes.

He is one of the strongest members, Aside from Spapraspam.


Funkaro has inverted colours opposed to farkaro, and his tie is considered a weapon. he wears a Rooster mask to conceal his identity.

Under the mask is farkaro's head, Except his baseball cap is formed as a smile, and has bloodshot eyes.


Funkaro has gone mad due to his subconcious and the fifty phone calls he's been getting every year about assassinating members of the certain mafia.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Lmb Whack'n'Smack Attack enemies with your weapon. Major knockback and damage. 500 0.3 seconds
E Pummel-their-skulls! Hit an enemy and then bash their skulls in five times. 250 per bash. 4 seconds
R Fists of Fury Throw a punch forward, Dealing LOTS OF DAMAGE. 1000 damage 7 seconds
F Lethal Throws Throw forward your weapon, This dealing massive damage of course. 2000 damage 15 seconds


Litteraly nothing

He's already

good enough.


so basically funkaro was the long lost cousin of farkaro who was getting phonecalls to kill certain mafia members from every squad on this god forsaken wikia, after a whole 50 killings, his last one was to kill the whole entire b squad, He of course refused, knowing they were the best squad. After 5 days, A male decided to go stab him in the chest for not killing the B squad, He nearly died but then god himself was like "shit so thats the guy who was gonna get killed for not accepting killing us shit lets save him" and so they did. However once they healed his wounds, He had already been on the brink of insanity, However, They managed to save him before he went insane. this of course let him join the B squad.