My joke char based off frostea and my general liking of the Ace Attorney Series.

Key Moveset DMG Cooldown
LMB Throw an updated autopsy report if you have one in store, if not punch at the enemy. 100 -Autopsy Report

50- Punch

0.1 Seconds
E Gather Evidence. (so you can use your attacks duh) N/A

Autopsy Report- 25%

Murder Weapon-50%


Trump Card- 1%

Testimony- 14%

1 Second
R Begin Logic Train. (combines 2 peices of evidence if you have them for a better attack.) Depends.


20 Seconds
F A desk falls out of nowhere, and if you have all the evidence, you can deal insane damage to the boss. If not, you recieve a penalty, and you lose part of the truth bar. If it works, 1000 60 Seconds.

*Truth bar replaces HP, you can only take 4 hits from the f, but are pretty much invulnerable when bosses come into play. However, if the boss manages to land an attack that deals a lot say, Instakill levels, you lose a part of the truth bar. (you cant regain truth.)

**Pvp will just replace his health with 100.