Hey look it's a noob.

With a really big hat.

And...double Frenemy?


Key Description DMG CLD
Auto Frenemesis has two frenemies. The larger one fires a 5-bullet burst at the nearest target every 8 seconds, each one dealing low damage and ignoring armor. The smaller one creates a shockwave every 4 seconds that stuns all nearby enemies for 1 second. The wave does no damage. 25 x 5 4/8s
LMB Fires a shotgun blast of 5 relatively large neon yellow cubes that each deal medium damage. These cubes are partially affected by gravity and therefore will travel in an arc. 60 x 5 2s
E Deploys a mine at the posistion of your cursor, with a max range of 30 studs. If an enemy touches it, the mine explodes to deal low damage and stuns all nearby enemies for 2s. After 1.5s, a HUGE head rises from the ground, dealing high damage. Up to 3 mines can be placed at once, and the cooldown starts when 1 mine (or more) is touched. 75 [1]

300 [2]

R Plants a Frenemy turret into the floor or on a wall. The turret functions like your larger passive Frenemy, but fires constantly until destroyed instead of firing burst shots. You can place up to 5 turrets, each one with 50 HP. 50 4s
F Fires 5 LMB shots into the air rapidly, which then rain down in your area. The projectiles all deal doubled damage. 120 x 25 17s
Z Explodes all currently deployed mines and turrets prematurely. 150 1s


  • Drastically increases maximum HP. (+14.6 from 0 - 15, +10.72 from 16 - 50.)
  • Increases the size of all attacks. (+3% per SP spent.)
  • Decreases the cooldown of your LMB. (-0.04s from 0 - 15, -0.02s from 16 - 50.)


Frenemesis has split personality disorder - he can act in one of three ways.

  • He most commonly acts kindly to people around him and is often willing to help them out with whatever they may need assistance with. (Though he often does a bit of a poor job.)
  • Other times he shows hostility to anyone and everyone he sees, threatening to hurt them in some kind of way or just simply acting rude to people.
  • He also acts carefree sometimes and doesn't often pay much attention to anything going on around him.