Fren dons a scientist's clothes whilst carrying a modified Luger which holds 8 rounds but fires strange spores. His more apparent characteristic however is his elongated neck with a smaller than average head on the end of it. He has no hair.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Friendship Link An empty bar of 0 with a max of 100 can be seen above Fren's head. Every instance of damage Fren deals to an enemy with any of his skills, the counter increases by 1 and the Friendship Link is established (indicated by the affected enemy with an Frenemy icon orbiting around them). The higher the Friendship Link bar is, the higher HP regeneration Fren has as well as the enemy taking more damage from Fren. However, the Friendship Link bar drops back to 0 if: the enemy is not hit for 6 seconds, Fren dies, or the enemy dies. N/A N/A
Left Click Making Friends Fren fires his Luger towards the mouse location, shooting a spore in the shape of a small yellow sphere forward. When the spore hits an enemy limb, they take low damage and an additional effect is applied on them depending on which limb was hit. If the arms are hit, they are unable to attack for 1.5 seconds. If the legs are hit, they lose half of their speed for 3 seconds. If the head is hit, they take 50% more damage from all sources for 4.5 seconds. Each effect cannot stack more than once (Ex. hitting an enemy twice in the legs will not apply the additional effect twice, the original effect must wear off before it can be applied again). 100 (Per Shot) 1 second (between each shot)
E Foiling Enemies With the remaining bullets he has in his clip, Fren jumps up into the air and rapid fires them towards the mouse direction traveling at an alarming speed, each bullet dealing medium damage and stunning the enemy for 0.5 seconds. The last bullet is converted into a bigger medium sized bullet which explodes into a medium sized AoE upon hitting a enemy or the ground dealing high damage and allowing spores to enter hit enemies' systems, dealing low DoT overtime for 5 seconds. 200 (Each Bullet) 500 (Last Bullet) 350 (DoT per second) 7 seconds
R Reload/Slapstick Fren reloads his gun to fill up his clip. However, if this move is used while the gun's clip is full, Slapstick is used instead where Fren lets loose a wild kick that deals massive damage and applies medium knockback whilst stunning the enemy for 2 seconds. N/A (If Reload was used) 1500 (If Slapstick was used) None (If Reload was used) 9 seconds (If Slapstick was used)
F Hug Note: This move can only be used if the Friendship Link bar is above 25. Fren teleports to the Friendship Linked enemy to give them a hug for 5 seconds whilst dealing high damage per second as well as stunning them for the duration. Fren is immune during this time. 500 (Per Second) 30 seconds
X Let Go Note: This move can only be used if the Friendship Link bar is at 100. Fren creates a large spore pillar in front of him. If a Friendship Linked enemy is exposed to it, they are instantly killed. Death None


While Fren can't talk, it tries to convey emotion using hand and body gestures. Fren can be seen as a overly friendly person that mostly makes the people he tries to interact with uncomfortable within his presence. This usually results in Fren trying to convert the victim into it's own kind by using it's Luger to expose it's spores to people ultimately transforming them into creatures resembling Fren: Robloxians with elongated necks with a happy unchanging face on top on a smaller than average head.


Francis Sicnarf was an isolated scientist that was working on a project that focused on cloning Robloxians. His reasons for his isolation was due of the lack of scientists that supported his decision in cloning as well as a lack of funding. As he continued to work on his project, the continued isolation began to affect Francis' mind, which soon lead to Francis wanting social contact with others.

To achieve this, he remembered his project. Perhaps he could clone himself a friend? It would be risky, but it was essentially hitting two birds with one stone: progress on his project as well as the social contact he longed for. Using his own DNA, he tried to make a clone out of it but failed, resulting in a strange, wormlike creature with a smaller than average head. At first Francis was thinking of disposing of the failed experiment, but he decided he would keep it for a bit and see how it behaved. The next day, Francis could not find the creature anywhere until he found it latched onto his neck. He tried to get it off but every time he tried to do so, it caused him extreme pain. Francis decided that he had to go back to civilization to go and get help. As he tried to leave however, he began to feel progressively weaker, to the point he couldn't even open the door of the main entrance of his lab. He collapsed soon after.

Fren was an isolated scientist that woke up in a strange lab, in a strange body. It then remembered what it did, and smiled. He soon longed for friends itself, just had his host longed for social interaction as well and gave it to him. Modifying a gun lying around the lab, Fren set out into the world before him to make some friends.


Decrease CDs Of All Moves.

Increase The Clip Size Of Fren's Luger.

Increase Fren's Max Health


None, as the people Fren tries to interact with either run away from him or fall victim to the spores.