​​   Frekuni is an intern based off of the user THISISDEADPOOp.


Frekuni is a shadowy like figure that wears a basic jacket, a DarkAge Ninja Swordpack, and basic jeans, with an Innovator's Hat. He also has shaggy hair, and a barely visible n00b face.


Key Name Function (Sword) Function (Fists) Damage Cooldown
Q The Ol' Switcharoo Switch to fists. Switch to Sword. N/A 5 seconds
LMB Basic Swing Swing your sword. Punch. That's it.

20 (sword)

15 (fists)

1 second
E Power Swap Change sword color. Change aura color.

15 (Sword)(Yellow)

10 (Fists) (Yellow)

25 (Sword)(Blue)

20 (Fists)(Blue)

50 (Sword)(Red)

75 (Fists)(Red)

10 seconds
R Lay back, graciously. Lay back on air. Decreases enemy defense, but increases enemy attack. Same as sword, but increases enemy speed. N/A 50 seconds
F Le cringe. Turn into Steve(cringe) to deal an extra 20 dmg on all attacks. Same as sword.

40 (sword)

35 (fists)

3 minutes


-Increase base health.

- Decrease all cooldowns.

-Get triggered easier. (Increase damage)

​Possible Boss Capabilities

  • Only uses fists.
  • Can have ~90,000 Health
  • Dashes forward and trips, dealing only 1 damage if miraculously hit.
  • Punches forward, dealing minor damage.
  • Uses Power Swap frequently, increasing punch damage.
  • Almost constantly uses "Lay Back, Graciously."
  • Uses "Le Cringe" every 60 Seconds.


Frekuni is very shy to new people, but has anger issues. He acts very childish, and can say some very random stuff during the worst times. He usually likes to mock Zam's "Well." At the beginning of some of his sentences. When he gets angry, he starts to get small head twitches, then the head twitches turn into huge ego, then into complete INSANITY.


Memer Dreamer

Frekuni used to be Memer's friend, but now that Memer had become one of Rinzaru's champions, he's dropped into a very small depression that is only visible when reminded of Memer Dreamer.


Frekuni LOVES cute cats, so he always tries to team with Rifo, and always says it's because he "wants to help him with his shyness."

​List of Recievers of 50/50/50 Frekuni Telcer

  • Every single admin (Obviously)
  • THISISDEADPOOp (Duh, he's base account)
  • Whoever messages THISISDEADPOOp saying "me plz"


  • Frekuni Telcer is actually not his name. However, his real name will not be released until a 10 Year version is somehow thought up of.
  • His 50/50/50 version's f has a different version. The version's appearance will not be released until he is either bought in or somehow makes it in.