Foccxo is called Cockso actually lol

Cockso is an edgy and rude cunt who wants to be a member of the B squad, But will always be an intern.

He is always in a cage with duct tape over his mouth.




Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB SHOOT Cockso Fires a bullet which fires razorblades, Which cause bleeding 50 damage, razorblade and bullet 000.1 seconds
E SCHUT SCHUT from your gun, Ruining lives by going down the road, Not across the street. 500 damage 1 minute
R RAZOR Throw 5 razorblades in front of your directions, Cutting people's achilles Tendons, Making them fall over in pain and root. LOUD NIGRA PAINFUL 10 seconds
F BRATATA Grab two miniguns and spin in a circle, Fucking firing razorblades that on impact fire bullets in a circle. 200 per bullet, 500 per blade 3 minutes
T please let me die Plead For Death because you ran out of bullets. depression 0 seconds
G im finally free Slit your throat. your dead yay once per life

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