Flusata and Fluso Trus are a Exclusive Duo OC for Devil Beater.


Flusata and Fluso both wear red marble textured suits, Bunny Ears, and Winter Shades. Fluso wears a laser sword pack on his back, along with his hair being red and his skin being extremely pale. Flusata wears a metal red helmet with a bit of snow on it, along with having long black hair. Her skin is also more pale than Fluso's.

Moveset (Fluso)

Key Description Damage Cooldown
(Q) Let's Go! Randomly chooses who you spawn as. None Unknown
(LMB) Slash. Swings his laser sword for medium damage. 250 1 second
(RMB) Get out, it's my turn! Changes between Fluso and Flusata. Has a 5% chance of not working. None 10 seconds
(E) Deeper Slash. Swings his laser sword with more power, doing high damage. 425 7 seconds
(R) Temperature Shock. Swings the laser sword after heating the blade up, then swings the sword again after making the blade freezing cold, doing very high damage and slowing down the enemy. 350 (First Strike) 310 (Second Strike) 23 seconds (13 seconds if both strikes hit)
(F) Speed of Frost?! Dashes forward 5 times at a high speed, doing critical strikes that do massive damage and slow down the enemy if they hit. 400 (Each Strike) 45 seconds. (29 seconds if all strikes hit)

Moveset (Flusata)

Key Description Damage Cooldown
(Q) Let's Go! Randomly chooses who you spawn as. None Unknown
(LMB) Doink. Swings her wooden stick-fighting pole to do medium damage. 200 1.1 seconds
(RMB) Get out, it's my turn! Changes between Flusata and Fluso. Has a 5% chance of not working. None 10 seconds
(E) Follow-Up Swings her wooden stick-fighting pole, then follows it up with a kick to do high damage. 200 (Pole) 180 (Kick) 6 seconds
(R) Vault n' Stomp Plants the pole into the ground, vaulting up into the air and stomping down at wherever she lands, doing high damage. 555 17 seconds
(F) Mortal Finish Flusata jumps high into the air, then smashes her pole down at the closest enemy, doing critical damage. 1450 36 seconds

50/50/50 Special Attack

Key Description Damage Cooldown
(L) Let's end this! Both Flusata and Fluso appear at the same time. Fluso uses his (F), striking the enemy 6 times, while Flusata jumps into the air, smashing the pole down at the enemy with more force than usual, doing catastrophic damage. 4150 Once per Act


(Fluso) Fluso is rather overprotective, of those he cares about and those he doesn't have an opinion on. He's willing to throw his own life away to make sure that others don't die. However, in order to make sure he doesn't seem annoying, Fluso acts like he doesn't exist when in normal situations. This of course, is a simple facade.

(Flusata) Flusata is extremely serious, always checking in with others to make sure they've completed tasks and other stuff. In reality, this is to make up for the fact that she herself wasn't ever serious in her life.




None, as of now.


  • If you want to, you could say that this is basically Lucifer and Angelo, except that Lucifer is so damn strong and Angelo is an Agni with no healing, but weaker attacks.

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