Boss moveset (if this happens in db2)

shoot a flare infront of you (no bum effect)

Spin around shooting bullets (no bum effect)

throw the gun infront of you (no bum effect ._.)

decided to remove the Lmb, etc stuffo since this is a boss moveset or something - weeabooboy10043


Flare wears a red suit and tie, a fire wizard hat along with fire wings. He also has glowing red eyes.

Seems like this might be bought in for db2


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB shoot a flare Shoot a flare from your flare gun for medium dmg and a little bum effect 200

(50 burn)

1 seconds.
E upward attack? Shoot a flare into the sky increasing your dmg, hp and speed +50 dmg.+10 hp.+2 speed 25


R a friendly pet summon up flares favorite pet dog for a few seconds 300 Damage. 8 seconds.
F makes me dizzy Spin around shooting bullets all around you. 200 damage a bullet 10 seconds.
T i call this the flare shake You do some dance moves Heals 100 Hp. 20 seconds.
Q Colorful lights :3 shoot some colorfull flares in the sky

Red: dmg the enemy.

Blue:stun the enemy

for 5 sec

Yellow:do a random move from your moveset

Green: heal all other players

by 400 (green might get nerf maybe :p)

(you cant heal yourself with green)

See description. 10 seconds.
G another one sounds great you toss your flare gun it explodes a bit 200 damage.

*this does not grow stronger thought stacks*

2 seconds.


Were thinking about it still

(idea from Bluejake1)

(also help from venatas)

am i at full power? At 50 When flare gets about 25% hp he goes berserk mode for 30 secs and after that a fire aura appers getting bigger regen 5% hp and then it dissappers (regen time 10secs) Red aura after 30 sec

(all cooldowns go down by 2 except lmb and g, dmg also goes up by 100, and all attacks now do burn effect

When at 25% hp left this also still activates if flare can survive for 30 sec

50/50/50 move

(thought by BlueJake1)

Time to get serious Flare souless will dash at the at the mouse dicrection, if you ran into the enemy you will grab the enemy and go into the sky for a bit and drop down doing insane damage 3000 dmg

and burn effect 200

*does not grow stronger thought stacks*

50 secs


Flare never had a soul. All he ever had was his pet dog, Flamey, and a vacant broken house that he fixed by himself. When he was six years old, his parents had died from a wildfire, which caused Flare to feel empty inside. Flare wanted to feel complete, he wanted a perfect soul to help him, so he had started killing other people just for the perfect soul for him. His pet dog, Flamey, didn't like that. Flamey communicated to Flare using a secret language that only both of them knew, to talk to him about it. They came up with the conclusion to start a team. Flare called it 'Team Inferious' and Flamey agreed. Flare's team had helped him through his journey. They're lucky enough that Flare didn't ever try to kill them.


Decrease cooldown on (E) and (R).

increase bullet size.

increase dmg and burn effect on lmb.


hmmm trivia i just dont know maybe more infomation about flare hmm ok:

thanks again qu XD

what made me want to make this character well was i wanted it to be my dream for this game to bring a character into this game suddenly i dont know if it would come true or not

what mostly inspiried me was i had a dog named after a webpage ._. called browse i wanted him named flare but yet again im not allow to name dogs :U

when i heard i can make a oc in this fanon here kaiden and other friends helped made flare souless

i think i inspiried unknown to make his own oc but eaither on that i also want to help new players make there own oc

i dont know how i thought of a flare gun as a weapon but it was creative


Flare soulless is shy.

Flare souless gets hate LOADS OF IT

Flare souless just wants others to be safe


Flare souless has crazy/cool friends

Flare souless is a bit lonely

Flamey is a bit annoying :P

Flare souless is SOULESS

Flare souless HATES WATER

thats all i have to say


Firehyperking: 100/100/100 (seems like i have to make a list cause exclusive is not a option)

Qu240103: 50/50/50 (helped made the grammer and moveset)

kiritakuyokai:50/50/50 (thanks for buying flare in for db2)

Dragon12248: 20/20/20 (cause he still wanted it or whatever)

imandafahrizal:0/0/0 (hacked by iman)

Dragonsky77:30/30/30 (make more videos)

Bluejake1: 50/50/50 (YO PLAY WITH ME)

Ragegaming99:40/40/40 ("you thought it was a secret but it was me dio")

Tsuranita: 50/50/50 (my best supporter and friend)

Unknown987: 50/50/50 (stop making oc's or its death for you)

Asrielmemer:20/20/20 (yet again i still hate him but he deservous a second chance)

Soinc56667:50/50/50 (dont ask hes a sonic rip off)

1dud5: 40/40/40 (your my friend so why not)

ChrisSinisterra: 50/50/50 (has been very good to me very support i wish i can do something for him)

Guestpoop9000: 20/20/20 (a very special guest that can talk :U)

iinixis: 10/10/10 (your name is small)

Terraberry: 40/40/40 (no more insults)

Gift4mybro: 40/40/40 (i hope that name really fits you)

TheUncommoNoob:30/30/30 (30 is because your character isn't in the game yet ._.)

Venatas: 50/50/50 (no its ventas)

jetpackmaster123: 30/30/30 (idk cause he wanted it)

cool_style:50/50/50 (well hes new and someone ruined his quiz soo)

Codaca: 20/20/20 (well hes a friend i totally forgot)

Lynch567: 50/50/50 (he won a quiz good job)

Unknown_Chrxs: 30/30/30 (i let him have it)

Murderur3: 40/40/40 won a quiz or whatever ._.

Crisisbassdevil: 40/40/40 (won a quiz good job)

muncyzh01: 40/40/40 (won a quiz) (also a giant red big head nerd)

Leonardo134562: 30/30/30 (won a quiz i guess)

Aquaforever2234 40/40/40 (part of team inferious Plus: totally forgot to put her on my list XD)


Erickdejusuj: (what a stupid bitch he wanted it now he doesn't and argu great job idiot)

ryanreis: (stop asking me dork)

TheMecenaryDante: dont lie out for putting this up so dont change it

quiz rules

1.sorry guys the quiz is now over can't wait for db2


Iman da f-hacker: seems to be friends but enemys at the same time

Ari Farcry: flare random came up to a kissing situlation FLARE was FURIOUS (OD AAAAAAA)

February Deskoff: flare was there when ari kissed february litterly flare helped feb slap the heck out of ari

Kyran Tikki: Flare's best friend saw each other in a game called devil beater erm yeah a real good relationship

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