Flare Souless, known as Teikka Shiosen, is based off of firehyperking.


Flare wears a red suit and tie, a fire wizard hat along with fire wings. He also has glowing red eyes.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Clicking on the character - Flare has 6 flaresticks (3 on each hand) that can be upgraded later. None None
LMB - Throw a flarestick at the direction of the cursor. 60 5.5s
Q - Take a brief moment to get new flaresticks and relight them. None 10s
E Storm of the Past Throw all of the flaresticks into the air and watch them explode into smaller flaresticks that repeat 3 times. 55 for each flarestick 20s
R Symphony United For each flarestick, throw them all in a circular direction, if an enemy is hit, the flarestick bounces up and hits the enemy once more. 30 for each hit 15.5s
F Cry of a Tsutei For every player around you, they get a speed boost and you half of your health. The more players, the less health you lose. - 25s


When Flare was born, his parents hated the way his eyes looked, as they were red and bright. He was kicked out of the household and went off to survive by himself, although all he had were rags and a lighter that he kept in his former room before he got kicked out.

On his journey, all he believed was that everyone would feel the same way about his eyes. Disgusted. That was until he met Stacey. Stacey thought that his eyes made him unique and that he should feel lucky to have them. That made Flare think more differently on himself. He liked himself more, he stopped caring about how people felt about him.

One day, Flare went on a walk around a small town, as he usually would take a walk after he woke up. He looked around, admiring the atmosphere of a breezy morning. He suddenly stopped in front of what seems to be a tall looking figure, he couldn't tell who it was, as they were wearing a cloak. He called out to them, but the figure still stays standing. Flare called out to the person once more. But this time, they actually responded, but not in the way he thought they would. The tall figure jumped off the cliff they were standing, leaving something that seems to be a note behind. Flare couldn't move, as he felt guilt for just letting them jump down. He picked up the note and read it silently. The note read:

"Someday, you will be what humanity wants. In return, you may end up to be the complete opposite. To prevent that, all you have to do is be cautious. Choose your decisions carefully. Pick the wrong choice and it all gets shattered, pick the right one and you might get to see the next day. -BK"

At first, Flare didn't know what it meant. But he's still trying to grow and be better. But one day, he'll find out.


-Increase the number of flaresticks

-Increase Health

-Decrease Cooldowns



Flare has a very cheerful personality.

The Apparently Existant List (which won't happen i promise but ok)

Firehyperking: 1000/1000/1000 (seems like i have to make a list cause exclusive is not a option)

Qu240103: 50/50/50 (helped made the grammer and moveset)

ChineseProducts:50/50/50 (for slightly helping lol)

Dragon12248: 20/20/20 (cause he still wanted it or whatever)

imandafahrizal:0/0/0 (hacked by iman)

Dragonsky77:77/77/77 (make more videos) (i owed her....)

Bluejake1: 50/50/50 (YO PLAY WITH ME)

Ragegaming99:40/40/40 ("you thought it was a secret but it was me dio")

Tsuranita: 50/50/50 (my best supporter and friend)

Unknown987: 50/50/50 (stop making oc's or its death for you)

Asrielmemer:20/20/20 (yet again i still hate him but he deservous a second chance)

Soinc56667:50/50/50 (dont ask hes a sonic rip off)

1dud5: 40/40/40 (your my friend so why not)

ChrisSinisterra: 50/50/50 (has been very good to me very support i wish i can do something for him)

Guestpoop9000: 20/20/20 (a very special guest that can talk :U)

iinixis: 10/10/10 (your name is small)

Terraberry: 40/40/40 (no more insults)

Gift4mybro: 40/40/40 (i hope that name really fits you)

TheUncommoNoob:30/30/30 (30 is because your character isn't in the game yet ._.)

Venatas: 50/50/50 (no its ventas)

jetpackmaster123: 30/30/30 (idk cause he wanted it)

cool_style:50/50/50 (well hes new and someone ruined his quiz soo)

Codaca: 20/20/20 (well hes a friend i totally forgot)

Lynch567: 50/50/50 (he won a quiz good job)

Unknown_Chrxs: 30/30/30 (i let him have it)

Murderur3: 40/40/40 won a quiz or whatever ._.

muncyzh01: 40/40/40 (won a quiz) (also a giant red big head nerd)

Leonardo134562: 30/30/30 (won a quiz i guess)

Aquaforever2234 40/40/40 (part of team inferious Plus: totally forgot to put her on my list XD)

Superpup1980: 30/30/30 (he asked and i said yes...) (totally did not asume genger my friend :U)

Spongy_sponge: 50/50/50 (he won a pop quiz lel) (rip off spongebob ._.)

PaoDeBatataaaaaaaaaa: 40/40/40 (won a pop quiz) (get a smaller name :U)

Stacey99999999: 50/50/50 (won a pop quiz) (i dont hate you your just annoying)

ECHBLECH: 50/50/50 (won a quiz)

Thisisaducky: 50/50/50 (pop quiz winner)

Greenlion190: 50/50/50 (he won a quiz before forgotto im not sorry :P)

Pookmon: 50/50/50 (pffft oooof)

Deadly_GamerXx: 30/30/30 (keep trying)

Skittle_Noob: 10/10/10 (random winner)

O_o IRL: 50/50/50 (won a quiz)

DiamondArrow444: 44/44/44 (for being cool)

Superpowerz: 40/40/40 (forgot to add him/her)

Cyclopsthekiller: 40/40/40 (wanted to be in)

Devilishdarkninja: 40/40/40 (wanted to be on the list)

AbsurdJacob: 50/50/50 (chossen by bluejake1)


Erickdejusuj: (what a stupid bitch he wanted it now he doesn't and argu great job idiot)

ryanreis: (stop asking me dork)

PizzaKeido: DO I NEED TOO FUCKING EXPLAIN, Everyone hates him ;) (i already have my reasons this little bastard think he can do whatever he wants...)


The Tall Figure

Nothing is known about the tall figure.


Stacey is one of flare's friends

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