Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Fire a flare form your flare gun for high dmg and good burn effect 100 (better though stacks)

burn effect: +50 dmg

1 sec
E shoot a flare from your flare gun to the sky increaseing dmg hp and speed +10 hp

+50 dmg

+2 speed

3 sec
R Spin around in circles shoot flares from all dirrections at the end you shoot a homing fire ball doing medium dmg flare shot: 100 dmg

fireball: 200 dmg

(better though stacks)

2 sec
F Summon a Meteor from the sky for insane dmg and burn effect Meteor: 500 dmg (better though stacks) 10 sec
Q You put the flare to your mouth,and shoot it. You get set on fire for 10 seconds,slowly draining your HP,but applying HUGE damage over time to your attacks,and doubles speed for 10 seconds. 10 per second (lasts 10 seconds) 10 sec
G You shoot a flare into the sky,with a random color,each for a different effect.

Blue = Stuns the enemy for 5 seconds

Red = 500 damage to the enemy.

Yellow = Add 10 speed to all players.

Green = Heal all players for 200 HP.

see chart 15 sec
T You toss your flare gun in front of you,and it explodes. Then you pull out another one :U 200 5 seconds


Decrease Life cost on Q

Decrease cooldown on F

Increase DMG and Burn Effect on lmb

I Changed the triva for a list of people who will get Flare Souless and who will be blacklisted for this

Will get flare souless:

Firehyperking (oh course owner of this char) 80/80/80

Skylanderpro/XxskylerisbackXx: 70/70/70 (is such a good friend and is a support of me... madd story line)

Kaiden10043: 70/70/70 (Jetaro for life :)... Also helped made flare souless)

ChrisSinisterra: 50/50/50 (you've been a good friend and supporter to me here have a souless)

DragonSky77: 20/20/20 (you inspired me to nake youtube vids on devil beater and dont give up on yours)

1dud5: 70/70/70 (yo keep up the good work man and stop making me jealos of you)

BlueJake1: 60/60/60 (been a great friend)

Tsuranuita: 70/70/70 (been a great support to me and helped made flare souless)

Codaca: 0/0/0 (boi you think you can be friends with me m8 oh wait you already are nerd hahahaha)

Ragegaming99: 60/60/60 (thanks for deo burando and being a support to me)

Terraberry: 40/40/40 (for completing the quiz but is being really rude for thinking min k ock off...)

Superterry45: 35/35/35 (completed a quiz)

RyanTrackerDude: 15/15/15 (hes a nee player i found so i really like to help others :))

To get on the list:

  1. I will come in and tell some questains first tell me that you know flare souless is being made by me
  2. If your randomly fine and wont beg for it and if you ask maybe ill let you on the list for a free 15/15/15 flare
  3. if i say something wrong correct me :P
  4. Say FLARE SOULESS IS VERY COOL BUT HAS NO FRIENDS!!! Say it when im in the server for a free 35/35/35 flare
  5. Sometimes when you finish my quiz you get a random upgrate number you might be unlucky so :P

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