Felis Fiolett is an OC for the ROBLOX game, Devil Beater.


Felis is an adolescent girl with dark violet hair in a ponytail. She has cat ears and she dons on a mask that covers a majority of her facial features. Felis only seldom wears those two giant cat paws you see in the picture, and most of the time just uses claws.



Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Claws Paws


Switches between Claw mode and Paw mode. None Unknown
Siamese Slash


Felis does a very short dash and slashes at the direction she's facing at for medium damage. 60 None
Manx Maul


Felis send out a flurry of slashes at where she's facing. She can move but very slowly. Felis appears behind the enemy and brutally mauls them from behind, stunning them and dealing high damage. 140 (Claw)



20 seconds
Chausie Chase


She teleports towards the enemy in short bursts, then slashes them for high damage. She increases the server's walkspeed by 8% permanently.

Can only be used twice.





28 seconds
Bastet Brawl


A swarm of rabid cats come to Felis' aid and charge at the enemy to deal high damage. She throws a giant yarn ball at the opponent and when it hits, the enemy is stunned for 20 seconds. 300










Felis is a happy girl, but people don't really approach her because of the suspicious mask. The people she mainly gets along with is her sister, Hayden, and her mother, Mariam. After she fused with a cat she developed cat ears and became more agile, so her personality is very cat-like in nature as well.


  • A majority of Felis' moves are named after cat breeds. ( Chartreaux, Siamese, Manx, and Chausie )
  • "Bastet" is an Egyptian God and some of her main symbols consist of lions and cats.
  • Don't ask how she managed to fuse with a cat though.
  • She hides catnip in her bra and will only give you some if you reach in and grab it yourself.
  • Her real name is Minou Inferiore. She never liked the name "Minou", so she orders everyone to call her "Felis" instead.
  • She is the younger sister of Hayden Magika and one of the two daughters of the Inferiore family's boss.
  • Since she and Hayden are daughters of "the boss", the staff have some sort of slight fear against her and her sister. In turn this makes it a bit harder to make friends with the staff members.
  • Nya.

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