Nothing, He's quite literally just a naked robloxian.


He can't speak. He's mute.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Why Do a backflip. Any enemy hit will instantly have their jaw drop to the floor, Stunning then. 15 1.5 Seconds
E Are Stand in place, And point a laser pointer directly infront of you. Any enemy that is hit will be clawed by a cat from the ground for eh damage. 51 5.1 Seconds
R You Create a small pulse around you that is (VERY) small. If an enemy is hit, A piano will smash them, Doing insane damage. 515 15.5 Seconds
F Here? ur not funny faggot. (Kill yourself, Creating a small pulse. If anything is hit it plays earrape dragonforce while creating a nuclear explosion killing anything in its path.) 15000000 (Nuke)

6969696969696969 (Self-Damage)

One Use

15/15/15 Special Moveset

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB This Throw a headstack, With an angery face on it instead of the :) face. It will split up after orbiting around you for about 3 loops, Then home in on the enemy for eh damage. 15 1.5 Seconds
E Is Turn into a giant fucking bighead, Increasing your HP and Damage permenantly, And giving a 6 second invincibility shield. Massive cooldown. None 51.1 Seconds
R Very Begin glitching out, Before either being respawned, 449965/449966, Or literally poison the enemy doing 8675309 damage, which will effect all enemies. 1/449966 chance. None/8675309 One use/15.5 Seconds
F Gay Earrape OOF sound, Before summon a massive noob with a hammer the size of the twin towers, Whomst'd've'ly'yaint'nt'ed'ies'y'es will smash their hammer into the ground, Creating a massive AoE explosion, Doing insane damage. However, Then you'll instantly die and consume 5 lives, Which ends in a game over man, Game over. 19 Quadrillion One Use


  • The "ur not funny faggot" part was me saying hi to saprasam, who says i'm not funny. (I managed to ALMOST not put a note saying to sap "You need to change your profile pic, The dab is extremely dead.", But then he'll threaten me with a ban. <3)
  • He's not actually mute, but doesn't understand english, and speaks something else. No one knows what it is as it is a language he made up, and it's really complicated.
  • He isn't a man, But isn't a woman, Therefore "it" has no gender. Mememe.
  • I'm not funny and i know it :DDD