Fabricio Faberg

Fabricio Faberg is a character made by Farkaro. (Keep in mind, this is not a joke OC ok).


Fabricio is a smiling,bald man with a pale head and arms, a gray torso and dark gray legs, Although he seems to not be wearing clothing, torso and leg skin color strangely seem to act as such.


Fabricio is a very cocky man, thinking that he can outsmart or beat anyone or anything in battle, which usually gets him into tough situations, he also enjoys yelling out every word he says.


Key Description Damage Cooldown
LMB Throws a fabergé egg and adds a "faberg" stack if it hits 50 1 second
E Throw a fabergé on the ground making an healing aura healing players by 75 HP. - 5 seconds
R Throw down a fabrainz egg spawning 8 zombies which have 200 HP, 50 speed and deal 150 dmg on contact. Each time a zombie hits it adds a faberg stack, zombies last for 8 seconds. 150 per zombie 25 seconds
F You summon the Royal faberg. Healing players by 150 (+50 per faberg stack) and dealing 600 damage (+50 per faberg stack) in a 30 stud radius. 600 45 seconds
T He screams really loudly, like King Dedede. (id:203794765). - 0.2 seconds


Increase damage.

Increase the amount of zombies R spawns (5 skill points = +1 zombie).

Increase F range (+3 studs per 5 skill points).

50/50/50 Bonus: Your body, your eggs and the enemy you hit start radiating random faberge particles.


As a child, the two things Fabricio loved were fabergé eggs and science, and the love for both things carried well over into his adult years, since he is rich, he could being collecting many fabergé eggs and he also got a bachelors degree in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Throught his life, he met many people with magical powers and weapons, things he could ever imagine were true thanks to his studies in science, he decided to look more into the subject, he found out that, with alchemy, he could infuse his beloved fabergé eggs with this magic he was so fascinated by.

Since he already had some knowledge of alchemy with his chemistry classes, he decided to infuse his eggs with magic. His expirement was sucessful, and his eggs became infused with magical powers, the eggs began to float behind him, and they materialized in his hand when he put his hands together and charged up a small blue ball, which then were launched, once they hit something, they materialized back behind him. His Fabrainz egg could be stuck to the ground to spawn zombies that could be commanded by him, and his Royal Fabergé egg could emit a pulse, that could eaither damage people, or heal people, depending on what he wanted.

After seeing what these eggs could do, he thought he could be able to beat anyone, and so he set off into the world to see if someone was a good enough fighter to beat him (and many did). 


  • Don't ask why, but his appearence is based off of Addi_Mbantuwe

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