Ezah Sollef is a fan made character for Devil Beater. He will be soon bought into the game. Thanks to khai100 for donating JamarMario 8k Robux to make this dream possible.


Ezah dons a black hat with small white lines and a bigger one and a gas mask. He uses a purple haze suit.


Ezah is at most of the time a calm gentleman. He acts with huge formality and cares about his team mates or friends, as he is willing to protect them at all costs. HOWEVER, when he is severely hurt or his friends are hurt, he will enter in a ‘rampage of (edgy) madness’ trying to kill ANYTHING that moves around, including his teammates. During that, the Dane Gang usually retreats, since he is unstoppable.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
(Passive) When Ezah dies, he will revive and stay in the battle for 3 seconds, with all cooldown cut by 50% and 1.5x damage. His speed will be also increased by 5 points. He stays in a ghost-like mist of haze during this. None Once per life.
(LMB) Swings in front of him with his morning star for high damage 450 4 seconds
(E) Smash the ground in front of him to create a large shockwave. Enemies in the center take MASSIVE damage. Enemies in any other area of the shockwave take high damage. Center: 1200

Other areas: 500

15 seconds
(R) 4 chains grab the target’s spirit (BECAUSE IT’S NOT POSSIBLE TO IT GRAB THE ACTUAL ARMS AND LEGS CUZ ROBLOX) and try to dismember it. 35% of chance to this move work. Large damage if it does work, medium if it doesnt. If it works: 1500

If it doesn't works: 300

20 seconds
(F) 6 chains grab the target’s spirit (look above why spirit) and squeeze it’s heart. 49% chance to this move work. NUCLEAR damage if it does. High damage if it doesn’t… There’s also a 0.1% chance that the target will take instant 99999 damage, instakilling it. If it works: 3000.

If it doesn't: 600

1 minute and 30 seconds
(X) Turns into an eerie, dark-ish haze being. Only attack possible in this stage is Z, wich makes a giant orb appear on top of him and cause MASSIVELY ABSURDELY EXTREMELY HIGH damage. 1200 120 seconds.


  • Drastically increases Ezah’s health.
  • Drastically decreases all cooldowns.
  • Increases the time Ezah stays in the battle after dying.

50/50/50 Bonus: Ezah will now wield dual morning stars and have all cooldown cut by 15%. (Sums with upgrade 2)



Phase one: (1:33~ 3:46)

Dialogue 2:

Phase 2:

Enemy Information:

Phase One:

1: Smash the ground with the morning star. Shockwave is created. 200 damage.

2: Starts to spin around with his morning star. Each hit does 50 damage and knockback.

3: Creates 4 haze orbs around him that will chase the nearest player for 10 seconds at medium speed. 100 damage.

4: Create multiple explosions around him. 90 per explosion.

HP: 55.000

Speed: 24.

There’s a 4 seconds cooldown between each attack above.

Phase Two:

1: Smash the ground with his morning star. A shockwave is then created. 1000 damage.

2: Creates 20 haze orbs that will spread around randomly. 200 damage each orb.

3: Creates 10 haze orbs around him that will chase the nearest player for 3 seconds at high speed. 100 damage each orb.

4: Once, he will make a small bubble of haze. It will SLOWLY expands for 30 seconds. It wont ever disappear. 20 PER TICK.

5: Makes a giant gas cloud of haze, blinding players. Disappears after 20 seconds. No damage.

6: Create a crap ton of explosions around him. 200 damage per explosion.

7: Starts to spin around REALLY fast and starts to move at very high speeds, doing 200 damage to every player hit. This lasts 2 seconds.

8: When his hp drops to 1, he will instantly get a forcefield and start making a patern equal to Robot King’s “Strom Nebula”, but he will make WAY more bullets that are slow and 1 minute lifetime, making the current battlefield a literal bullet hell. This ends 10 seconds after inital activation.

HP: 100.000

Speed: 30

There’s a 2 seconds cooldown between each attack above besides 8 and 4.

Yes, Ezah is meant to be one of the hardest bosses in the game. Also i made his enemy attacks copy and paste from other enemies with basically damage and color change, so however scripts him wouldn't have that much trouble.

AGAIN, This character is PURPOSELY extremely edgy. his morning star ^ credits to phillycheese9

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