Exter is a OC made by and based out of XDAGSS1 and is (probably) never going to make into DB


Exter is a mercenary who wears a blue fedora, twitter snake eyes, Black Jacket with Cyan Blue Hoodie with a blue tie and Cyan and Black Adidas pants


Exter doesn't wear a specific expression, all people do know about him is that he is extremely obedient and deadly


Increase Health (+7 health each upgrade)

Increase chance to shoot an Isotope bullet (+ 2% chance)

Increase damage (+ 2 dmg and 0.5 lifesteal each upgrade)

15/15/15 Bonus: Increase all your abilities damage by 150.

50/50/50 Bonus: Multi - Rambo gets FoF particles. 


He only talks to his superiors to tell if the mission was completed or there are any problems who need to be wiped out and nothing else.

Moveset 1: Multi - rambo

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
NA Let the luck decide You either shoot a

Flux bullet: 30 dmg

Aether bullet: 60 dmg

Helios bullet: 90 dmg

Narukami bullet: 120 dmg

Stratus bullet: 150 dmg

Agni bullet: 180

Haze bullet: 210

Isotope bullet: 250

NA (passive)
Q Can't reach me You create a barrier, if your enemy touches the barrier he will get permanently slowed 0 16
Lmb Bullet You shoot a random FoF bullet 30 / 250 dmg

10 Lifesteal

E Boom Jump Shoot a powerfull bullet in the ground making you jump really high in the sky 800 8
R Charged shot You charge up a bullet over time and then fire it 10 / Infinite


F Bam Bam Bam!!! You shoot a barrage of bullets at really high speed during 20 seconds 30 / 250 20
T Deadly Shot You get stunned but it allows you to do a deadly shot making your damage x3 (once you press T again you will be unstunned) 90 / 750 0


Exter used to be a skilled cop, but he got corrupted by money. One day he got arrested becouse he stole money. Hours later some of The Company high ranks showed up and offered him the job to work as a mercenary to murder any target they wanted. 


The weopon name was Waffle_Conecups idea

Multi - rambo

On your right you can see Multi - rambo's model

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