Exarsus is an OC I am going to buy into DB sometime this year.


Exarsus wears a bucket on his head. He is also wearing Khaki pants and a jacket (presumably DeadDang's jacket) and the shirt that Dark Kyraki wears.


Attack Description Damage Cooldown
Laser Shoot


Shoot a laser out of your cannon. 50 10 seconds


Smash the ground with your cannon. 150 30 seconds
Molotov throw


Throw a molotov at the enemy. 50 (10 after burn) 15 seconds


Charge your cannon and shoot a massive laser out. 200 60 seconds


Exarsus doesn't like people (Except for Vritra because they basically have the same personality.) He likes to hang back and doesn't like being noticed.


Exarsus used to be an engineer until he put a (REDACTED) on and he became a vampire. He became immortal so he cut his whole arm off. He built a giant cannon to use as an arm and a weapon.



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