Background information

Evod Serva is a unique individual, as he changes between his two personalities frequently. He cannot be neither personality, as he must be one. If he is to be possessed, Even would appear.

He has no other "forms," other than Even and Oddity. Evod is actually nonexistent.

Eᴠᴏᴅ ᴅᴏᴇs ɴᴏᴛ ᴇxɪsᴛ.





Even's Personality

Even Rebel is a casual, jokester-type of person. However, he often doesn't follow rules, but nobody cares about that. He's often liked by most, but kinda feared by his men because of his "temper tantrums" (oddity).


Even wears a completely balanced out outfit.

A black fedora, a black symmetrical suit, causal dress pants.


Key Name Desc Damage Cooldown


Pew pew Even fires two shots from a pistol, the pistol appearing from thin air. 50 per shot, six bullets max 1 second
E Grapple

Even fires two grappling hooks upwards to his left and his right, causing him to go straight upwards.

If this hits the boss, the boss gets launched into the air.


100 damage.

10 seconds.
R Double jump activated! When you double tap space, you perform a ground smash, shocking the enemies for one second. 100 damage. 6.2 seconds.
F Scales of Balance

Even will summon a pair of scales which will "balance out" the boss's hp. If the boss has odd hp, the boss will take damage repeatedly for a minute.

If the boss has even hp, the boss will take two hits of damage.

100 damage per second.

100 a hit.

3 minutes.
Q Reunited

Even channels power from Oddity for twenty seconds.

50/50/50 only.

NOTE: if pressed while in Oddity-form, you cannot use "End"

E, R, and F change abilities 60 seconds

Oddity's Personality

Stays as far away as people as humanely possible. He's a social recluse and prefers to stay that way. He's known as a "crooked" person and is snappy.


"Beautiful hair for beautiful people," villain suit, and dark colored jeans.


Key Name Desc Damage Cooldown
LMB I'm Watching. Oddity deals a small amount of damage to the boss, no matter where the boss is.  1.25 per click 0.5 seconds.
E Admire me. Oddity fires three beams of light at random directions. High damage if it hits.  500 damage 5 seconds.
R Rejected. Oddity repulses any boss near him with high knockback, but low damage.  19 damage. 4.49 seconds.
F Despair. Oddity rains charcoal on the ground. When players or Oddity runs over the charcoal, it is collected. After 3 seconds, the amount of charcoal will increase the size of the fire which engulfs Oddity. If the fire is too small, it willl do no damage. On the other hand, if the fire is large, it will do damage. 

0-673 DoT.

DoT (burn damage) lasts for 5 seconds.

39.15 seconds.
Q End.

Oddity falls forwards, on his face, and a large explosion is heard. Ears are instantly killed.

The player dies.

49/49/49 only.

It's pretty much a bad taunt. You can't use it twice in one life, mate.

i am dead inside