Eris Yu Xing is an oc made by UltorisTenebrae.


Eris wears things that are opposite from eachother, a culmination of both black and white. His attacks are contradicting irony, he takes something holy and makes it unholy.


Key Name Function Damage Cooldown
LMB Black and White "Slashes with both swords alternatively black curses the enemy, debuffing them, white blesses you, healing yourself." 550 per slash. 0.5 Seconds
E Forsaken Cross "Fire a black cross at mouse direction, lights enemies on fire." 500 + 80 over time 1 Second
R Heavenfire "Raise up a goldish white flame, it deals damage over time and blesses teammates with heal and damage buffs." 1000 total. 8 Seconds
F Sinful Sabbath "Eris forms his blades into a greatsword named Final Harbinger (Modeled by me, using a shit ton of unions) amplifying his damage 10x more than his base damage." 5500 20 Seconds
Passive Guardian Angel "Double tap space to fly." N/A. N/A


-Increase Eris' maximum health.

-Increase Eris' Flight speed.

-Increase Eris' damage.


Ironically not edgy.


None as of yet, since he has not made a full appearance in the story.


  • His full name is derived from Ér yúan xìng in Mandarin which means "duality".
  • His first name, "Eris," comes from the dwarf planet, also named Eris.
  • His full name is pronounced- Air-IS yOO-shihng.
  • The attack names are literally oxymorons for light and dark.