Erio Oxford is an OC for the game Devil Beater.


Erio Oxford has a Black-Iron Suit,he has a ancient helmet paired with Black-Iron Antlers.His eyes are covered with Black Chrome Shutter Glasses.Also he apperes to wield a Kernel Katana.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB None Erio slashes his sword at the enemy 75 1.5 sec
E Kerno throw Erio will throw his sword to the enemy,even if it hits it makes the enemy bleed.If it missed after 3.5 seconds it activates fist mode,which lasts about 10 seconds. 90 (throw)

125 (punches)

12 sec
R None Summons a orb above him that heals all allies to full health for 3 seconds. (and himself) inf. (Healing :U) 50 sec
F Blacko-Ironio


Summons a shield around Erio leading him to defend himself 170 (on) 20 sec


-Decrease R's Cooldown

-Increase Damage

-Increase Speed





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