Eria Alberul is a OC created by TheDeathOfGodsBane, aka Kimarus

Squishie, if you fokin come back somehow and try to steal this page, i will kick your a@! off this planet. ~Kimarus


Eria Alberul usually wears a black tuxedo with white outlines, accompanied with a red tie. He also wears a black sinister looking hood with two long slender white horns on the side. His eyes appears to be glowing white through the hood's shadow.


Key Description Damage Cooldown

Stand: Rapidly punches 5 times from his stand.

Gun: Fires 2 burst of white bullets from his gun.

10 damage per second for fist/20 for gun, but slower

1.2 Seconds
E Can swap different forms to stand or gunner None 5 Seconds
R Bounce up and down x3 times and belly flops on the enemies head. If hit, loses 60 health and no debuff. If missed, halves his speed and take 125 damage penalty, due to gravity. 80 damage 3 Seconds

Stand: Stands still and summon 5 Aether balls around him. Then punches them one by one onto mouse location like a turret.

Gun: Fires a circle of deadly bullets, and finishes with a Giant bullet. However, a bullet hits him from being reflected from somewhere, causing some damage.

90 Damage points for each Aether projectile

Gun:50 damage to yourself, 30 damage per bullet hit

10 Seconds