Equinillium is a being of the idea of Equinox, The time the sun passes the celestial equator.


As an Ordinary Figment of Equinox, He looks as if he is split in two parts.

Backstory Thingy

In A world without the celestial equator, it was always night and day. making the world unstable, a being of both night and the light had created a weapon which when put in a temple had made day and night cycles. After three centuries a man of extreme power went to grab it, which had caused the entire universe to shift which caused a major danger into the world, the being that was meant to fix it. an Equinox figment was summoned. noticing the figment, the man had then smashed them all into fifty pieces and had then scattered them all upon the planet they were on. he held the handle though, as for running off to not pay his fine. He, however had left the two of the most important shards. the connector, a part of it which allowed the handle to be fit back with it. He kept it in his pocket, leaving the temple. there was a black and white smoke emitting from the top, and red vehicles came to investigate. It was angered as they were to possibly damage it. grabbing one of their foam dispensers, he fired it at the guards, and used the nozzle to have it as a whip. he had knocked them out. and killed one of them, but then people with blue caps, and blue suits came with electrical weapons. They fired them, but it had no effect on the figment, due to the fact it was not a mortal and more like a ghost. they all ran off after this, and using his equinilus he closed the temple's entrance. he went off, grabbing one of their "Batons", and running off.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Requirement; Energy Sources You have a energy bar which you require to use attacks, without it you're as weak as a newborn insect fending for its life. Max stored is 100. none none
Q Drawing Energy Take energy from the moon and the sun, causing you to gain 20 energy every 3 seconds while standing still with this attack. noone 25 seconds
LMB Swish-Swash Slash your Laser-Scythe around aimlessly in the goofiest attack animation possible. Requires 3 energy per slash. 150 0.7 seconds
E Lodda Slashin beam slash WAY too fast, causing projectiles of the scythe to come out of the slashes. requires 10 energy 50 per slash

100 per projectile

6 seconds
R Terminal Seven Throw Seven terminals from your basically infinite pockets which throw scythes which then explode into smaller scythes.

takes lots of energy though. Exactly 50.

45 per smol scythe

100 per scythe

50 per terminal

75 seconds
F You Are Already Dead Say some japanese BS and slash forward, dealing fucktons of damage to enemies. 100 energy requirement. 5000 damage 125 seconds

At 15/15/15, You gain a new move.

G WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE Fly around the map like a maniac. Uncontrollable and unreliable source of damage. No Energy cost. 500 damage 20 seconds

At 50/50/50, you find all 50 pieces and can use the "Equilius' Revenge" by pressing T

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
T Switcheroo Switch Between the scythe and the weapon. none none
Passive Energy strategy; Meditation Regainage Gain 10 energy every 7 seconds. Max energy is 250. none none
Q Same as before Same as before but gain 50 per 3 seconds none 15 seconds
LMB Equilislash Slash forward, dealing large amounts of damage to those hit. costs 10 energy. 500 2 seconds
E Buff From the Night absorbing power from the moonlight, you gain 50 hp, 10 max damage, and 1 speed. takes 75 energy. none 15 seconds
R Power of the Sun Fire a beam of equinox, which upon contact with an enemy will cause massive beams of the sun's energy to rain down on the enemy. costs 50 energy. 500 for beam, 200 for projectile
F Swift Death To Evil Say even more japanese BS, slashing a rift into the world which deals too much damage to enemies hit. takes 250 energy. 50000 damage 325 seconds


Increase stats a good amount

Increase stats even more.

Increase stats EVEN MORE.