Eijesuto is an OC for devil beater, and an outcast.


Eijesuto is seen wearing a huge scarf,too headbands one being black the other being white and having black hair. he dons a black and yellow shirt and has black pants.


(hopefulyl thegg notices) Despite him being seen edgy ALOT,he is actually a jokeful and happy person most of the times. He wears a diffrent costume in this personality,but if something ever gets REALLY SERIOUS he becomes the edgy person you all know. He dosent talk to anyone practically and does stuff alone most of the time.


Key Desc DMG CLD
LMB Slashes with your knife infront of you. On the 3rd slash you perform a stab through the chest which does 2x more damage while saying "Shi". Does 5 DMG to self. 750 1 sec,3 secs after 3rd slash
E Teleport infront of an enemy and slice there chest and just take out there organs????. idek. You also say "Kill ma" while doing this. Does 25 self damage. 3000 15 secs
R Create a pentagram on the ground while screaming "Akuma ga kuru", the pentagram is a 50x50 stud size. If an enemy steps in it they get burrowed underground taking extreme damage. Does 50 self damage. 5000 20 secs
F Create a bunch of shadow clones around the map with machine guns that BARRAGE the map with bullets. Lasts for 5 seconds. Does 100 self damage. 450 per bullet 25 secs
Passive Eijesuto cuts himself every 5 seconds,dealing 30 self damage to him. This has a 25% chance to give him a +5 damage stack. Lasts permantly. Buff None


  • Increase Eijesuto's Damage. ( 2+ 0-15, 1.5+ 16-50.)
  • Increase Eijesuto's Lifesteal by a small amount. (your lifesteal starts at 1) (0.5+ 0-50)
  • Increase Eijesuto's passive duration. ( 0.5+ 0-50)




  • His name litearlly means "The edgiest person alive"
  • Edgier then chi no senshi
  • Very Edgy