This is a joke char as it's pretty much impossible to get, 50% chance to be bought in.

Eggo The God Of Eggs: Appearance and Explanation

Eggo The God Of Eggs has the appearance of his previous form, Eggo, but instead of 1 staff he has 2 staffs on his back, eggs circling his head, and a celestial aura. He has 3 eggs circling around his head. His ability changed to Haze but he then managed to modify it so instead of regular Haze, God Eggo has Celeggstial Haze.


He cares for all of his N-Force team mates and would do anything for them.


Button Name Description Damage Cooldown
Q Toggle Switches between Support and Defense mode. Support increases healing others by 100% and Defense increases damage reduction and Self-healing by 100% 0 3 seconds
LMB Egg Laser Summons an egg that shoots a laser in the direction of the enemy (limit 3) 1,000 per lazer 2 seconds
E Eggquake Shakes the floor and stuns the enemy for 30 seconds 400 4.3 seconds
R Shield Shields Eggo from damage and reflects all of it back for a minute The amount of damage taken 30 seconds
F Wave Summons a giant wave of eggs that deal extreme damage 5,000 50 seconds
G Self Healing Hard Boiled Egg Eggo eats a hard boiled egg that heals him to full then launches out a small damaging aura 250 15.6 seconds
T Supportive Egg Laser Eggo Shoots at laser at the nearest ally healing them to full health 0 10 seconds
Y Taunt Eggo laughs at the enemy 0 5 seconds


Increase Damage (increase 10 per upgrade)

Increase Heal (increase 100 per upgrade)

Increase Health (increase 30 per upgrade)


Solo the game or beat the game with a team of 3, Skips are allowed but admins can not set the act. You must solo the game with Regular Eggo if it gets bought in. No images, only video proof.

List of people getting him.


Eggo temporarily left the N-Force for 20 years of training. He discovered the power that was within him and unleashed it making him an immortal being. He then realized he held a greater responsibility and decided he needed more power so he changed from Neuling to his modified version of Haze, Celeggstial Haze. After his training was over he came back to N-Force and now supports N-Force much more than he did before.


Eggo is Eggo The God of Egg's past self.

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