This is an N-force OC for DB.

It's also my first wiki page so it might be horrible.


Eggo is a noob who uses his egg staff to help others and Defend himself.

With Neuling He focuses on healing others.


Eggo has the appearance of an egg headed noob.


Eggo is a caring person. He'll always help others in needs especially if they are part of the N-Force. On his free time he likes to read books and cook eggs. He's always insisting that he can go on missions with his team mates, the only one who never accepts this though is Noob Kafejo.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Passive Energy Steal When a teammate eats one of Eggo's eggs he gets a damage buff thats 50% of the teammates damage (E.G. A team mate with John Doe eats one of Eggo's eggs and Eggo will get 500,000 damage) buff 0
Q Toggle This toggles between support mode and defense mode. Support mode gives him a 20% bonus in healing others while Defense mode gives him a 20% bonus in healing himself None 6 Seconds
LMB Egg shot Shoots an egg in the direction of the cursor 150 Dmg 1.4 Seconds
E Healing Egg Shoots an egg that heals others in the direction of the cursor that heals 250 health None 3 Seconds
R Self Healing Hard Boiled Egg Eggo eats a Hard boil egg that heals 200 health None 3 Seconds
F Egg Area Summons an egg on his feet as a field of AoE. Instantly stuns the enemy for 2.8 seconds when touched. 60 Dmg 5 Seconds
G Egg Escape Eggo rides on an egg to escape the enemy. (can only be used if below 30% health) None 6.2 Seconds
T Taunt Eggo makes this sound None 1 Second


Increases Health (increase 1 per upgrade)

Increases Heal (increase 1 per upgrade)

Increases Recovery (increase 1 per upgrade)


Eggo was bullied for having an egg on his head. His family died a month after he was born in a car accident. Each day was another struggle for him. Hiding in the shadows to avoid being bullied Eggo encountered Mr.Wise. Mr. Wise told Eggo "I've seen you get bullied for your appearance, join me and I promise you that all of that will end." Eggo was never treated with such kindness as he was in that moment. He'd always treat others with extreme kindness and all they would do is despise him. Eggo decided to join Mr. Wise and the rest of the N-Force and that's where Eggo's training began.

After the month of training was over Mr. Wise told Eggo to pick up a staff with an egg at the top. Hesitating, Eggo picked it up and felt immense pleasure. He is then told that only those with extreme kindness can use the power of the staff. With this new ability in his possession Eggo supports the N-Force and would never dare to betray them for what they did to help him.


  • Eggo has saved the life of Noob Kafejo Termino more than once and in doing so he became good friends with Noob Kafejo.

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