"i have a gay pose and dont know what to do."

Just 2 forms, the 2nd form is only used for the battle sprite not actually ever used outside of dialogue, unlike robo boy


Ecnad is completely white due to being bathed in liquid aether every day, he has a white egg on his head and a shirt that says Thank. on the front


Key Move DMG Cooldown
LMB Throw a disco ball in the air, stunning the boss and also himself making them dance for 10 seconds 1 10 seconds
E Throw a disco ball at a nearby player, Which creates a barrier which stops projectiles from entering but projectiles can exit the barrier, the barrier lasts for 5 seconds 1 heal every second 30 seconds
R Throw a disco ball at every living thing, making all the disco balls light up and throw a compressed beam at the stunned enemy (10 points if you guess the reference) 100 (per disco ball) 70 seconds
F Throw 100 disco balls in the air, stunning everyone except Ecnad for 7 seconds due to the blinding light 10 heal (to self per second) 120 seconds
Passive He has a passive so all moves require his DANCE metre to be used, it can be recharged by pressing Q which recharges 10 dance, there is no cap
Passive2 He has a metre at the top of the screen which says RHYTHM and it serves as his life bar, the less rhythm the less HP he has if it reaches 0 his hp becomes 0.0001

It can be recharged by playing a QuickTimeEvent (QTE) when pressing G. Its cap is 200 Rhythm which doubles his HP


Ecnad is a Serious yet playful person who doesnt like to fight unless forced to, and even when he has to fight, he doesnt like hurting the opponent, but his Allegiance still wins somehow. He dances in his spare time and is often found in dance clubs dancing to music.


Rhythm cap increase

RHythm cap increase


henlo final edit to this, How do you get him?


beat avaxus (vigor act) and touch the blue bit with Admisuno then you get him tada


His moveset was originally going to be that any key on the keyboard just makes him dance but that would be useless for any situation so it was scrapped

You can only eat him by hard boiling him but he's too big to fit in a pot or pan