east hills, we're back to school

lmb: new shoes, fire 2 shoes at the enemy for 1 damage

e: haircuts, get a pair of scissors and get bad hairstyle, then throw scissors at enemy for 5 damage

r: denim, lay down some pants on the floor and any enemy that steps on them gets healed to max hp by their new pants

f: G E T Y O U R S E L F A N O U T F I T: get an outfit, do 1000x more damage for 4 seconds

t: B O O T S A N D P A N T S: toggle saying boots and pants over and over again

personality: likes skool and wants to sell you stuff


so one day this one dude was walking around town and he saw this big abandoned mall

he had a shitload of money so he built west hills mall and sold horrible items for super expensive stuf

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