"tfw you can't avenge your family whom died to the hands of robo thots. rip in rest liza-" - Dumpster Man, before dieing in his attempts to completely destroy the Robo-Thot Headquarters, Meeting his fate by the hands of overpowered xeiron character that arina is bound to make.

Dumpster Man meets his fate at the hands of Robo-Thots, something he longed to destroy. No matter your decisions, He will always die. Even if you do find a way to kill them, He'd most likely have commited suicide or died in the aftermath of the devil beater nuclear event, which erased every character in the lands of cancer-ville/Devil beater.

Since he is dead, He cannot have a 10 year version, Nor be able to be allowed into DB 2. Because i said so.

Well, actually...

Dumpster Man's moves have been "Simplified" as you would put it.

But, i won't simply put effort into it, since no one will ever get him. Haaah.

  • LMB causes dumpster man to throw 3 knifes the way he is facing. At 15/15/15, You will throw 9 knives. At 50/50/50, You will throw 15 knives. At 100/100/100+, You will throw 21. Any upgrades past that do nothing.
  • E causes him to throw 3 random projectiles, which vary from either being a goat, hitting multiple times, To snowballs, which will slow them down. there are more, but putting effort into it is pointless.
  • R causes dumpster man to try and pull enemies towards him, before creating an explosion that will knock them FAR back, and deal medium damage, along with healing dumpster man for 50 health no matter the upgrades.
  • F Simply causes him to stop time, for about 10 seconds at a time. After using this, He'll take 50% of his health, before the enemy explodes with how much damage they took. Due to this, It isn't exactly wise to use it, As it will simply take away your Max HP, not your current HP. At 30 HP or less, The move will no longer work.

There are no more special, Extra moves. Because fuck you.

Thats it for dumpster man. Now, go away. I don't care if i get called "Edgy" or some shit, because i don't exactly find this funny.

Also, plotholes. intentional plotholes. Point them out for me, I won't bother to look.

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