Drunk Methunder is a joke oc based on the user & character, Methunder.


he has a bucket on his head and also has boots instead of hands lol


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
LMB aaaa Fire a bottle that does bleeding damage on hit 100 8 Seconds
E bbbbb Fire a green bottle that heals allies and lifesteals from enemies 50 13 Seconds
R woop trip yourself and create a ring around yourself that heals you 35 heal, ring lasts 5 seconds 15 seconds
F Hangover Your boots turn into hands in a formation of a gun and fire them a bunch with projectiles the size of actual methunder's r. 10 per hit (110 total) 30 seconds
G AAAAAAA heal everyone and kill yourself instantly + 5 seconds of invincibility to everyone excluding you (50/50/50 move) none none

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