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Drestran dons a red trenchcoat with other black clothes under it. He also has auburn hair. (pls add more)


Ability Name Description DMG CD
LMB Guide your arrow around the map to do damage. Requires you to hold down LMB 100 each enemy it hits
E Your arrow pierces every single target on the map based on how close they are. Does more damage to the next enemy than the enemy before. 100,200,300,400,... 10 secs
R Your arrow circles around you, dealing high damage to all enemies near you. 500 10 secs
F Your arrow stays in place next to you, as it starts to ignite. If you dont click anywhere between 3 seconds, the arrow explodes near you, dealing massive damage but also slightly damaging you. If you do however click, it will dash to where ever you clicked, creating an explosion there. 1000 (no clicks), 800 (clicc) 30 secs


Increases arrow speed.
Increases DMG of F.
Increases overall damage.


Drestran is usually very confident about himself, always thinking he's able to beat his enemy. This is his main weakness.

When with the Outcasts, Drestran usually acts like he were the leader, often arguing with members of higher power.


  • May or may not be (heavily) inspired off of Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy.