Dreamer is memers POSSIBLE replacement in the shop when he's out of the shop

0/0/0 movepool
Moves Move Dmg Cooldown
(LMB) Smol head! Throw a small head, pierces enemies 40 1 second
(E) loominatreed Throw a illuminati with a small tree, that tree is now stuck where it hits until the user dies 69 (illuminati)

lmao rip stage (tree)

5 seconds
(R) u w0t fire 5 shots from a smol pistol 10 dmg per bullet (pierces) 10 seconds
(F)EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Literally throw 100 Bigger heads, they dont do any dmg and instead act like annoying un-anchored blocks, they dissapear after 5 seconds 0 30 seconds
(T) Wow no ear dmg Fire radios, one for each player in the server, it plays whatever sound you want 0 Until you die
50/50/50 Move pool
move name Move dmg Cooldown
(LMB) FIRE! fires 5 smol heads 15 per head 1 second
(E) u w0t m8 i'll have you.. Buffs all stats by 50% including cooldowns lmao 10 seconds
(R) OOOOOWDJAOWD Spawn a sniper turret 5 dmg per bullet (100 bullets) 30 seconds
(F) I just wanna be like him... turn into memer dreamer 50/50/50 for 5 seconds 0 100 seconds
(T) ear rings fire 5 ear rings, giving 99 fashion points to whoever it hits actually 0 0.01 seconds


Memer Dreamer - Older brother

The whole of noob gang - cool


there will be a button at the bottom of the screen that allows you to switch which form you're using (0/0/0 or 50/50/50)


Increase HP and duration of 50/50/50 F (by 1 for hp) (by 0 for F xd its a joke)

increase DPS (by 0.9)

Increase spd (by 1)

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