Dr. Stilter is an OC for devil beater. He is a member of the Skittles Gang.


Stilter is shown to have blue hair, wear glasses and a blue tophat. He dons a suit and holds a wrench.


Attack Wrench Mech Damage Cooldown
LMB Swing your Wrench around for medium stun damage. Shoot 12 bullets from your guns for 100 damage each. The bullets spread out, as if they were shot from a shotgun. 10 damage


100 damage each (mech)

1 second


2 seconds


E Throw your wrench for medium stun damage. Creates a following transparent wall which absorbs damage, lasting 5 seconds. The wall can soak up 1,000 damage before being destroyed. 10 damage


0 damage (mech)

10 seconds


10 seconds


R Throw a potion at the nearest ally to heal them for 20% of there HP. The mech stomps one of its feet for high AoE damage. Higher damage if the enemy gets hit by the foot. 50 Heal


400 damage (mech, AoE)

1000 damage


30 seconds


15 seconds


F Your Mech falls from the sky, ready to be entered. You enter it. Prof. Stilter exits his mech, as the mech slowly explodes for insane AoE damage. The damage is weaker the further the enemy is from the mech. N/A


1000(mech, max dmg)

30 seconds


Stilter is a very serious person, with little to no humor at all.

He works as the engineer for Skittles Gang, making all the weapons.


Already as a young child, Stilter dreamed of creating things. He listened to everything his math teacher said, he did all his homework, he did everything he needed to pass school. After he left School, Stilter studied Physics and Science. 10 years of research, he created his first robotic A.I. To this day, he still didn't find a name for it. Back in the day, the robot only had the ability to move. Stilter kept on working on it, non stop. He tested the robot once every week. A new function added once a day...

3 years after the Mech was complete, he came across the leader of the Skittles Gang.. He offered 1,000 dollars for him to work for Skittles Gang.

He accepted the offer.

Isaac Stilter now works for the Skittles Gang.

What now?

(will edit this time to time)


  • 0/0/0 - If you activate your mech, the mech lands on you, killing you instantly.
  • 1/1/1 - The mech lands infront of you, no longer killing you.
  • 15/15/15 - Dr. Stilter controls the mech with an iPhone when he's in the mech.
  • 50/50/50 - Change the mech to have a pink/green tone. This is a refference to's MEKA.
  • iiDiablu made this OC,but 4keny4 posted it on the wiki.


  • Purple Skittle man
  • Skittle Gang

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