Doe Jay is an intern based off the user IlluminadiConfirmed.


Doe Jay bears a heavy resemblance to a Shiba Inu , with exception of having a humanoid stature instead of a dog.


Key Name Official description Damage Cooldown
LMB Duck down to tactically extend your chainsaw beneath enemies for medium damage. 10 Unknown
E Fire four chainsaws in opposing directions, each circling around for a while dealing medium damage to enemies hit. 15 Unknown
R Boost yourself in another location. Very low cooldown. Unknown Unknown
F Big Bang "Big Bang" releases energy from Doe, doing massive damage to enemies hit. 50 Unknown


-Decrease all of Doe's cooldowns.

-Increase Doe's movement speed.

-Increase Doe's base damage.



  • Doe Jay is heavily based on an internet meme, Doge.
  • Doe Jay is referred to as "the poor man's Kiseki", as they both wield chainsaws, and Kiseki is unobtainable unless at a certain level, or with the Free characters gamepass.
  • Doe Jay is now a Limited character, Which is no longer in the shop.