Yes, this is what you think it is. It's literally just the Pokemon Dhelmise. This Pokemon is the Captain of the Navy for the Nintendo Gang. Nothing special.


Name Description DPS Cooldown
Passive (Pokemon Logic) Dhelmise, as all other Pokemon, can only use its attacks a certain amount of times. Once Dhelmise runs out of Power Points for each move, its LMB will become Struggle, dealing low damage and hurting itself for 10% of its HP. 100 3
LMB(Slam) Dhelmise slams itself down, sending out a small pulse for large AOE damage. Can be used 20 times. 350 3
E(Anchor Shot) Dhelmise fires out an anchor for large damage. Can be used 20 times. 500 15
R(Giga Drain) Dhelmise fires out an enormous fast moving orb that deals medium damage and high lifesteal. 250 10
F(Phantom Force) Dhelmise goes invisible, making it invincible for a brief time. Once it reappears, it does massive damage to all enemies within a 50 stud radius. Can be used 10 times. 1000 45


  • Use a Protein. (Raise DPS)
  • Use an HP Up. (Raise HP)
  • Use a Carbos. (Raise Speed)


You honestly expect me to give this thing a personality? Really?


This is legit a joke. The only reason I'm even on this God-Forsaken wiki anymore is because I have legit nothing else to do. Gosh I can't wait for Summer.