Welcome to Devil Beater Fanon Wikia!

Hello there!

This is a wikia for fanonical characters of a game on roblox called Devil Beater.

Why another wikia? So people can easily find each other's OCS!


Make sure your characters are original! (We don't need people ripping off other characters!)

Do not ruin other pages, especially if they're going to be official!

Please make your characters have even the slightest bit of work and thought put into it please.

Provide constructive criticism (Results may vary, be warned)!

Do not outright replace other pages with yours unless you can!

No ear rape. Music is fine and all but no ear rape.

If an official character has a list, do not add yourself to the list without permission!

Don't edit other's profiles without any permission!

"Please do not do that."

-Real Shigeru Miyamoto.

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